5 Top Tips for a More Relaxing and Peaceful Start to Your Day

5 Top Tips for a More Relaxing and Peaceful Start to Your Day

Some people start their day off with a sigh and a cup of coffee, others with meditation or exercise. Some folks enjoy a cup of tea and others jump out of bed and hit the floor running. Whatever your morning routine here are our top five tips for a more relaxing and peaceful start to your day because it always feels good to be able to say that you had a great day.

1. Meditation

Most mornings things can get a little crazy, especially if you have children. But meditation is a great way to bring some quiet to mornings. You can take 5 to 10 minutes, even more, if you’re up to it, to sit in silence or focus on your breath. If sitting still isn’t working for you, try meditating while you brush your teeth or blow-dry your hair. Check out some of the best quiet hair dryers that can help you create a moving meditation and a more restorative morning routine.

2. Yoga

Starting your day off with a sun salutation or two can do a lot to get your body ready for the day. Yoga and other gentle exercises can both relax and energize you. It can help you to become more aware of your body, improve your blood pressure, reduce stress and so much more. Giving yourself just a few minutes each morning can start you on a path to more minutes and better results.

3. Journaling

Before you get out of bed, or maybe after you go to the bathroom, take a few moments to write something down. It can be anything you want to write. You can write about what you dreamt, your hopes for the day, what you are grateful for or anything else. It’s your journal and you can write whatever you feel. It doesn’t even have to be words, you could doodle or draw if that’s where your interests lie. Journaling is a way for you to get your thoughts out.

4. Be Present With Your Tea/Coffee

Stop multitasking. It’s difficult to do when you’re trying to get yourself ready for the day and your children off to school, but when you’re looking for a soft way to start your day, it helps to can multitasking. If you usually drink a cup of tea, coffee or water in the morning, let that be your quiet time. Don’t read the paper or check your emails, don’t make the children lunch or anything else while you have that moment. Focus on the flavor and how you are feeling as you drink. 

5. Read a Book

Take a moment to read a chapter or a few pages of a great book. It can be a book on whatever moves you. Quotes, poetry, history, it doesn’t matter as long as it soothes you. You might even want to include your little ones in this one.

You may need to wake up a few minutes earlier than usual in order to bring a more peaceful start to your day. There are lots of things that you can incorporate into your morning routine to kind of slow things down and make you more relaxed and focused.

Rohit Raina
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