Achieving Excellence – 5 Tips For Excelling In Any Role

Achieving Excellence – 5 Tips For Excelling In Any Role

Are you eager to do your best in your career? Maybe you want to be the best property investment consultant in Australia or a Michelin star chef in Europe. Perhaps you fancy yourself an award-winning marine biologist or a chart-topping musician? 

Whatever your ambition is, a lot of your success comes down to how you work towards your goals, not some secret talent or luck. It’s all within your control and within your reach, especially if you take action on these five tips for excelling in any role: 

Be A Problem Solver

Being proactive and suggesting ways to get around problems has always been valuable in the workplace. Post-pandemic, it is even more valued, as everybody has had to pull together to get through insurmountable problems caused by such a challenging time. 

If you are always taking the initiative, trying to find ways to do things more effectively, and working hard to get around problems, you’ll excel in any role. Everybody wants that kind of person around, and if you take things a step further by preempting potential problems and offering ready-made solutions, you’ll offer even more value. 

Never Discount A Connection

The saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” isn’t entirely true. You do, after all, need to know what you’re doing to excel in your chosen field. However, it is true that a massive 85% of roles are filled by networking.

There is something to say for making connections, and not just with those you think could be important. From a brief encounter at a networking event to a meaningful friendship developed over years at work, these connections can be the basis of incredible opportunities in your career. Never discount a legitimate connection, as you never know who could help you get your dream role down the line. 

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is a global initiative that encourages you to perform an act of kindness for no reason at all other than wanting the world to be a better place. Leaving money for a coffee for the next person in line, picking up rubbish from the street, gifting some plants to a community garden – these are all great ways to pay it forward. The same attitude works exceptionally well when you are striving to excel in your career. Help everybody you can and go above and beyond – it will be recognized eventually. 

Be Professional

Around a third of all employees will embarrass themselves at the office Christmas party. Common issues include gossiping, turning up late, getting far too inebriated, and putting inappropriate comments about your employer on social media. These are all great examples of how not to be professional. They are also great ways to achieve the opposite of excellence in your workplace. 

When it comes time for events, dress well, be polite, and keep work gossip off social media. Behaving professionally is an investment in the longevity of your career. 

Communicate Well

Good communication is a powerful tool when it comes to excelling in any industry. So, you should always be working to improve this aspect of your performance. Knowing there is always work to be done on your communication skills is half the battle. 

To begin with, focus on improving your ability to: 

  • Take constructive criticism;
  • Work well in teams; 
  • Collaborate smoothly;
  • Understand verbal and non-verbal cues.

These communication skills are all invaluable when it comes to doing well in any job. 

Take these tips to heart, add some determination and honest self-reflection, and you’ll be well equipped to create your own success and excel in any role. 

Christie Lewis
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