5 Things Dating Sites Don’t Want You to Know

5 Things Dating Sites Don’t Want You to Know

With the continuous integration of technology into our lives, everything, including our love lives, may soon become reliant on technology. Dating sites improve the dating experience by giving you access to an extensive database of potential partners.

However, dating sites, from generic ones like Tinder to niche specific sites like interracial dating sites, have some secrets most of their users are unaware of.

These secrets usually account for how the site works to create an excellent experience for users. While none of these secrets will discourage you from using one, they will go a long way in informing your use of dating networks.

Having this information in your arsenal will definitely help you have a better experience. Here we go:

1. Dating sites usually have secret ratings

While this may come as a shock to most people, it’s true for most dating sites. Dating sites usually rank members based on factors such as desirability, appearance, and attractiveness. The ratings are private and not often accessible to the general public.

Factors that affect these secret attractiveness ratings include the quality of your uploaded pictures and your profile. The number of times people like your pictures (or swipe right on it, depending on your platform) also acts as a measure of attractiveness.

The fascinating side to it is that the higher your score is, the more times you’ll be shown to potential partners, and the higher your chances are for a match.  

2. The profiles you see are arranged to keep you on the site.

This should come as no surprise to you. If the world’s biggest social media enterprises are working overnight to keep you using their products, dating sites can be no exception.

The real juice to this secret isn’t that they do it. It’s how they do it. Usually, when you’re new to a dating website, the first few pictures you come across are the hottest profiles (the ones liked most by other people).

This is done regardless of how completely you’ve filled your profile, or whether they are matches for you or not. In most cases, they aren’t. It just follows a simple rule of social acceptability – if everybody likes someone, chances are you’ll like them, too.

The trick is to make you believe there are tons of attractive people on the site waiting for you, and keep you coming back.  

3. Dating websites use your information for research purposes

If someone is going to help you find love, it’s only right that they take time out to study you. The same goes for all dating sites.

All the information you give on a dating site is collected (except your chats; those are private) to help the system better understand you, and predict who will be compatible for you. This information collected usually includes your likes and dislikes as itemized on your profile, and the traits of the people whose profiles you’ve liked

Knowing this helps you be more deliberate when using a dating network. The more you go for a certain type of person, the higher the chances you’ll be matched with someone with that trait.

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