5 Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas for a Fresh Look

5 Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas for a Fresh Look

If you’re tired of your dull hair color and want to make a fresh start, highlights can help. They can also enhance your style and complexion.

Highlights can be done in various ways, including balayage and foils. You must pick the right shades that complement your skin tone to make them work.

Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo highlights are a fun way to add a pop of color without completely changing your hair color. They come in various colors, from natural to bold, so they’re versatile enough for everyone.

To get the look, your stylist will lighten your hair in sections. They’ll then use foils to prevent the color from transferring to your natural hair.

Choose from various hues for peekaboo highlights, like pinks, blues, and purples. These colors are incredibly flattering against jet-black or dark brown hair.

Platinum Bangs

Whether you want to play up your blonde roots or you’re trying to achieve a seamless ombre, platinum highlights are the way to go. They look gorgeous and can help balance out a dark root tone.

Adding hair highlight Boston MA, underneath your bangs is another excellent way to bring a pop of color into your style. You can make it subtle and add a hint of peachy rose gold or a darker pink.

The key to getting the right shade of platinum is to consider your skin tone and hair type. If you have a cool complexion, you’ll want to avoid the warmer platinum blonde colors.

Dusty Rose Highlights

Dusty Rose Highlights are a perfect addition to your hairstyle for a fresh look. This light pink shade is feminine and delicate and looks gorgeous on all skin tones!

This is an excellent color for long straight or wavy hair. It can be used to create a beautiful ombre or as a balayage.

You can also wear this shade of pink to complement darker shades like red or green, says Stephanie Brown, a hair colorist.

This is a high-maintenance hair color, so you’ll likely need to lighten and gloss your strands every few weeks with a colorist. But the results will be worth it when you see how amazing this pastel pink color looks on your strands!

Copper Highlights

Copper highlights are a subtle way to lighten dark hair. They are perfect for those who want a natural look and a chic finish.

The color is trending like hotcakes and works on all hair types. You can try a balayage with a few ribbons of copper or ask your stylist to add some copper to the ends of your curls.

These sun-kissed highlights complement a red base and are easy to maintain. Wash your copper highlights with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner duo like Color Vibrance & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.

With the renaissance of the industrial interior design style, copper-look household objects and decor pieces are everywhere. But to keep them looking shiny, you need to care for them properly!

Black Curtain Hair

You can show off your luscious locks with a center-parted curtain haircut if you have naturally curly hair. Gents with straight hair can also rock this look, but a curl or wavy hair product is best to give the style more texture.

A short black curtain haircut is a bad boy look reminiscent. It’s a little bit sexy, too, and you don’t need bad life choices or a questionable reputation to pull it off.

To achieve this look, keep the back and sides short but let the top grow to the middle of your ear. Next, work on that emerging-from-the-ocean appearance with a wet-look gel and practice your seductive “blue steel” look.

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