5 Slippers you need to buy for this summer season

5 Slippers you need to buy for this summer season

When it comes to footwear, slippers are cherished by all. Slippers provide the ultimate comfort which no other footwear can offer. But if you are looking to buy quality footwear, Adda slippers are the ones you should be on the lookout for.

Adda slippers are an ideal choice of footwear for those who want to skip the hassles of tying shoelaces and are exhausted from wearing heels. The best part about wearing slippers is that they are not only comfortable but also ooze style wherever you go.

Adda slippers are perfect in so many ways. You can just slide your feet into them when you have to run errands or just hang out with your loved ones on a lazy day out. They are versatile, which means you can style them with your jeans, shorts, joggers and even pyjamas. So check out these five must-buy slippers.

  • Black and white rubber thong flip flops: There is nothing more comfortable for men than a pair of flip flops. If you want to keep up with the latest styles, these black and white rubber thong flip flops for men are the ultimate buy. The white flip-flops feature a tiny black ‘A’ on their thong-shaped straps. Since they are entirely made out of rubber, the material will offer you enough grip even during the monsoon and prevent you from slipping.
  • Striped rubber sliders: If flip flops are in, sliders are super these days. Everywhere you see, you will find men rocking a pair of rubber sliders, which are the ultimate comfort footwear. For those who are always on the move and want to break free from the hassles of tying their shoelaces, sliders are the best choice of footwear. These grey-striped sliders can be paired with your joggers and hoodies for a street-style look.
  • Women’s rubber thong flip flops: If heels and wedges are inviting pain in your feet and back, you must shift to rubber flip flops for much comfort. Relax your feet in a stylish way with these flip-flops, which feature cute little prints on their thong-shaped straps. The cushioned footbed of these slippers will offer perfect support for your feet, and you will see how quickly your back pain goes away.
  • Women’s printed thong flip flops: Bring an influx of colours to your footwear by opting for these printed thong flip flops, which are perfect for your lazy days out. These flip-flops not only feature tiny prints on their thong-shaped straps but also on the cushioned footbed.
  • Clogs: This footwear has become a trend lately because everyone, from children to the elderly, is seen sporting this comfortable footwear. The tiny holes on the top of this footwear allow enough air circulation to keep your feet dry, and during the monsoon, they provide a perfect outlet for the water to drain. Available in different colours, these rubber clogs are a delight to wear throughout the year.

These are the best Adda slippers that you must have in your wardrobe so you can be innovative with your style.

Rohit Raina
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