Are you a hopeless romantic ready to settle down now with the perfect partner of yours? Have you already chosen the perfect ring and also practiced dropping to one knee to ask the most important question from your beloved? Want to make it the most memorable moment of your life for the both of you?

Often romantics cannot figure out the place – the spot where they will pop the most important question! Yes! The question “will you marry me?” needs to be asked in a beautiful and most alluring, romantic spot to make it the most magical and memorable moment of your life.

Well, in Florida all the odds are in your favor. The state has the most beautiful locations to propose to your beautiful bride to be.

Below are a few unusual and romantic places to pop the most important question.


The famous garden of the sculptor Ann Weaver Norton is a magical place to visit. There are many sculptures built in the ground of the gardens that come by as a surprise while you are just strolling through the palms.

You can spend the day walking through the fine art collection making your way to the famous Harris Family Pavilion which is entirely glass encased.

Underneath the breathtaking Dale Chihuly ceiling, you can bend down on one knee and pop the question. This beautiful garden along with the finest art specimens not only is a magical spot for a proposal but also a very picturesque place to take some memorable photos once she says yes!


If you are searching for a place that is as stunning as the ring you will give to your special someone well then Ocean Drive is that place!

The gorgeous poolside is jaw-dropping. You can also sit under the stars at the beautiful airy terrace that overlooks the Mosaic Pool with the 24K sparkly gold tiles. This pool is not an ordinary one and it is said that it is made with a million small tiles out of which several thousand are made of pure gold.

Not only this, the pool is surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean gardens and your partner will be just in awe of the beautiful scenery she will witness while you present her with the ring.


The iconic tower formerly known as the Centrust is unlike any other building in Florida. It not only lights up the skyline but on its 11th floor it also has a sky terrace that can be booked on for special private functions, this will make for the most romantic and dreamy romantic proposal ever.

The LED lights make the whole terrace glow along with the whole tower that is a 47 story building. The view from the terrace of the whole city is breathtaking, you can also have your wedding in the same spot after she says yes. Make sure to arrange for a good photographer to capture the most beautiful moment when she says yes!


The tropical garden in Coral Gables has no lack of the most beautiful and picture perfect places to be proposing to the love of your life. From the famous edible garden that looks like something out of Adam and Eve to the sensuous butterfly fields. This place showcases the most beautiful flower, trees, and plants of Florida. You can surprise your beloved in the most romantic way possible. If you need some privacy, you can head down to the lake that makes for a gorgeous and private romantic spot.


Casa Tua on the South Beach is so inviting that it makes you feel you are visiting a friend, the services there are just as welcoming with the perfect ambiance. Get yourself comfortable at a table underneath the beautiful, mind-blowing lantern-lit trees outside the Mediterranean villa. Order the highest quality Champagne and give her a glass of it which is sparkling in more than one way. I hope you get the idea!

There you have it. 5 best places in Florida to pop that special question. Once you figure out the best spot, it’s time to check out your wardrobe. Remember, you need to put your best fashionable foot forward. Dress up to the occasion and your partner just can’t resist saying yes!


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