5 Of The Very Best Long Distance Motorcycle Touring Tires

5 Of The Very Best Long Distance Motorcycle Touring Tires

Let’s be very clear clear about it – your motorcycle tires need to be frequently changed, depending on the type of biker you are. Riders who spend time at the track, for example, typically need more traction from their tires, power to get them to the front of the line in no time. This is wildly different than someone who prefers touring will need. If you regularly plan long trips on your bike, your concerns are more aligned with the durability and efficiency, details that directly impact your ability to keep moving forward to your next destination. While some companies that sell ATV tires can help you get to your next stop, there are some tires that have a clear advantage over others when it comes to the need of the modern long-distance touring biker and their often larger bikes. Take a look at 5 of the best long-distance touring tires:

1. Road Attack 3

This Continental creation is redesigned from the ground up to provide a safer, more reliable experience for those on the move. The tires feature a new rubber compound that, using heightened silica content, improves on wet grip. The tread, too, is crafted to improve grip during wet conditions by redirecting water away from the center of the tire. 

2. Pilot Road 4

These noteworthy tires boast Michelin’s high-end tire tread, with promises to last 20 percent longer than the Road 3, the last installment in the impressive Pilot line. These tires, too, are designed for ease of use in wet weather, using Michelin’s XST+ siping technology to promote a better braking feel on wet, slick surfaces.

3. ME888

Metzeler crafted this tire specifically for use on larger custom touring bikes. Each and every aspect is geared towards increasing the mileage and performance that riders encounter while on the move. This tire isn’t as wet-road-resistant as some others on the list, but features a tread design and profile that work together to prevent overheating on even the longest hauls, making it ideal for use on those long, empty stretches of road.

4. Commander II

This Michelin creation is ideal for those cruisers looking for a tire on a tight budget. These tires feature the traditional Michelin visual appeal while offering a denser, more rigid rubber surface that serves to double the mileage of other cruiser tires currently available on the market.

5. Battlax T30 Evo

 If you happen to be looking for a balance between sport performance and long-distance abilities, then this might be the tire for you. This Bridgestone tire features a redesigned tread that enhances performance in a wide range of conditions and helps riders get a better feel of the road in wet conditions. This option is another great option for those looking for tires with limited cash on hand.

Weather, overheating, friction – your tires encounter a huge number of challenges when you go out on extended drives. The best way to ensure your journey never draws to a premature close due to tire failure is to search for motorcycle tires online so that there is a chance you find tires that are designed for the long haul. Get the balance of durability, power and reliability you need for a good, long ride by upgrading your tires today.

Photo by Niklas Garnholz on Unsplash

Rohit Raina
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