5 Non-Superficial Cosmetic Procedures That Are Actually Useful

5 Non-Superficial Cosmetic Procedures That Are Actually Useful

When you think of cosmetic surgery, you might envision breast implants or Botox injections. You might think these procedures only make sense for the rich, famous and vain. But some cosmetic procedures can improve your quality of life significantly. 

For example, some people benefit from the confidence boost of reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Or, for someone who suffers chronic back pain due to their bust, a breast reduction can ease that pain. The following five cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive and healthy — and they can dramatically improve your quality of life. But, for you to enjoy the benefits, you need to have them done by reliable centers cosmetic dentistry imperial pa or you might end up spending a lot of money with not so great results.

1. Breast Reconstructive Surgery 

Did you undergo a mastectomy from breast cancer? If so, Medicare will cover the cost of the reconstructive surgery as well as many private health insurance plans. Many women report that this procedure restores their confidence and improves their outlook. 

It’s important to note you may need multiple surgeries to get the look you want. Implants can become infected, requiring further procedures as well. You do have alternatives, including wearing a detachable prosthesis. However, many women find breast reconstruction makes them feel whole again after losing a part of their bodies. 

2. Breast Implant Removal

If you’ve undergone breast augmentation, you may change your mind for many reasons. Some people develop breast implant illness, which has symptoms ranging from extreme fatigue to headaches. If you had a silicon implant before 1992, the device might rupture and create painful scar tissue and misshapen breasts. 

You can have your breast implants removed and replaced. Saline implants pose fewer risks in case of rupture — unlike silicon, your body absorbs the liquid over several days. Alternately, you may opt to go natural by removing the prosthesis altogether. Remember, it’s okay to seek multiple opinions from different physicians before selecting the one that’s best for you. Take your time researching your physician online and talk to past patients if possible. 

3. Breast Reduction Surgery 

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you might rely on painkillers to enjoy any quality of life. But over time, these medications can wreak havoc on your liver. If your pain stems from having large breasts, you can undergo breast reduction and lift surgery to ease your agony. Your health insurance may even cover the procedure. However, you may need to prove you tried alternative pain treatments before winning approval. 

Contact your insurance company and ask them to send you a written list of required qualifications for surgery. In general, it takes three to six months for many insurers to give you the stamp of approval, so don’t despair — continue to document what you do to alleviate the ache carefully. 

4. Dental Cosmetic Surgeries

If you’ve lost teeth due to periodontal disease, you know this impacts more than your ability to eat. You may hesitate to smile out of fear of showing gaps. You may struggle to find employment, especially if you work in customer service or entertainment. You’re not alone — many celebrities undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures to boost their careers. 

You have several options for replacing missing teeth. Dentures prove the most cost-effective for many. Dental implants act like natural teeth, but they cost more. Whichever you select, you need to see your dentist every six months to maintain your devices. 

5. Hair Transplants and Hair Removal

Many people think of baldness as a male problem. However, losing your locks takes a toll on your self-esteem regardless of your gender. Both men and women can benefit from hair transplants. During the procedure, your doctor removes a 6-10-inch strip from the back of your head to prepare the grafts. Then they create holes using a needle or scalpel to transplant the follicles. 

Hair removal, on the other hand, doesn’t require any surgery at all — the procedure is performed using lasers. People who have hair on their backs find the method transformative as they can’t reach to shave the area. Other people develop razor burn, which can prove distressing, particularly if it occurs in sensitive areas of the body. You’ll need approximately five to six laser treatments to produce lasting results. 

Cosmetic Surgery Isn’t Always Vain or Harmful 

If you think cosmetic surgery is only for the rich and the famous, think again. The procedures above have less to do with vanity and everything to do with living your best life.

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