5 Must-Follow Rules for Getting Back Together with an Ex

5 Must-Follow Rules for Getting Back Together with an Ex

Rekindling a relationship with a former partner can be a difficult decision, but the hardest part might actually come after the initial reconciliation. The real challenge is to overcome the problems that caused you to break up the first time around, in order to build a healthy and strong connection. Considering the fact that rebuilding an old relationship is a delicate process that requires lots of time and patience, here are some rules you must follow when getting back together with your ex:

1. Make sure it’s for the right reasons

Think about the reason you want to get back together with your ex and make sure it’s not because you’re scared of being alone, because you’re heartbroken over someone else, because you’ve created an unrealistic ideal of them over time, or because you think it’s high time to settle down. If anything other than a genuine desire to be with them, to devote yourself to them, and to build a happy and fulfilling life together is the reason for your wish to get back together, then your relationship is bound to fall apart quickly.

2. Learn from your past mistakes

If you want to ensure your relationship is healthier and stronger the second time around, you need to understand how and why your partnership came apart in the first place. Unless you realize the issues you’ve faced in your relationship, you will keep making the same mistakes, and fall into the same old patterns that turned out to be destructive for both of you. That is why it would be a good idea to sit down with your ex and talk about the root causes of your beak-up, so you can work on them together this time around.

3. Work on improving your sex life

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A dull and monotonous sex life, or even a lack thereof, is one of the main reasons why couples lose intimacy and end up parting ways. Keeping things fresh and exciting in the bedroom might be difficult at first, but it’s essential for maintaining a strong bond with your partner. So, try to be more adventurous as a couple when you get back together, whether that means trying new positions, changing the location every once in a while, or even experimenting with stimulating adult toys that are bound to bring more fun and passion into your sex life.

4. Learn how to communicate efficiently

Another big reason why many couples break up is an inability to deal with conflict in a calm and collected manner. However, learning how to have safe and honest conversations will help you express yourselves in a more connected way. Not only will such communication prevent issues from festering, but you’ll also be able to address them more efficiently. So, if you didn’t listen to your partner then, try to be a good listener now. Or, if you kept your feelings to yourself before, make sure to express your thoughts and emotions this time around.

5. Take it slow and be patient

Although you’ve already dated this person before, that doesn’t mean that you should jump into a new relationship straight away. Instead, you should take things slow, and try to get to know each other once again. After all, both of you might have changed and became new people during the time you were apart. Keep in mind that your relationship won’t be perfect straight away, and that you might need time to work on your past issues, which is why it’s crucial to be patient until you reconnect with each other and rekindle that spark.

If you want your new relationship with your old partner to be a happy and successful one, it’s essential to be patient and work on communication, as well as your past issues, to ensure things will go smoothly this time around.

Featured Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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