5 Items To Use At The Gym If You Suffer From Back Pain

5 Items To Use At The Gym If You Suffer From Back Pain

Back troubles can cause suffers immense discomfit, pain, and suffering. This can be maximized by a lack of exercise which can cause stiffness and in turn cause further damage. We’ve put together a list of equipment that you can use at the gym, keeping your pain fuss-free and manageable. Read on to discover more. 

A Recumbent Bike

Different from the traditional seated exercise bikes, recumbent bikes enable the user to pedal with their legs out in front of them, similar to the position they would be sitting whilst driving a car, rather than dangling beneath them. Check out these nordictrack vr21 recumbent bike reviews. This model has a backrest, which means you can lean backward and engage with the support, which will ease back with little impact on your pain, and a big impact on your workout. 

The Elliptical 

The elliptical (or cross-trainer as some know it) is fantastic for effective but low-impact cardio. If you’re looking to increase your fitness without risking more pain in your back then this machine will help. Just ensure you don’t go too hard too fast and keep movements gentle rather than pounding the pedals and avoid using the stationary handlebars and this could cause rigidity in your back, hurting it further. If you want to hold onto something, use the moving handlebars to flow through your strides and increase the effectiveness of your workout and better your posture. 

The Step Machine

Stepping machines are again focused on working the lower body. Set your tempo at a reasonable pace so you’re not lifting your knees too high (this could exacerbate lower back pain) and away you go. Bear in mind that they can be one of the toughest pieces of cardio equipment in the gym, so be prepared to sweat!

A Swiss Exercise Ball

If you’re ready for more dynamic movement, a Swiss exercise ball is a great tool to introduce controlled movements into your workouts that won’t pain your back. Rocking backward and forwards, side to side, and in small circles strengthens the pelvis and in turn your spine. However, you must be able to manage balancing before you use a ball as sudden falling or jerking movements could end up causing you more discomfort. 

The Treadmill 

If you enjoy walking, a treadmill is a safe bet that you can enjoy stretching your legs without any of the uncertainty of uneven sidewalks, steep curbs, and other tripping hazards that can make your back pain worse. Start slowly, with light walking for short amounts of time and once you’re feeling stronger you can increase your pace to faster walks and even eventually a jogging speed. Similar to an elliptical, avoid placing your hands on the handles or side rails as holding them can mean that your back twists as you take each step. 

Which pieces of equipment do you use at the gym that means you can stay fit without further hurting your back? Share in the comments to inspire other readers.

Christie Lewis
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