5 Health Apps to Keep You on Track

5 Health Apps to Keep You on Track

Using a health app to stay in shape is cheaper than hiring a personal trainer. It can also be even more personalized.

Fitness apps can help you organize your exercise routine and diet. They can keep you aware of important details you might otherwise miss. They can hold you accountable when you’re not feeling it.

Even if you already have a great routine, a fitness app can help you track your progress and make sure you stay the course. Here are five great health apps to keep you on track.

1. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is an audio-based personal training program. This app can give you professional exercise advice and motivation, whatever your workout of choice happens to be.

More than just a gym buddy, Aaptiv features classes geared toward runners, cyclists and race trainers as well as lifters. The main app has thousands upon thousands of audio classes geared toward a huge variety of different physical activities.

Currently, they work with 15 in-house trainers who create and upload around 30 new classes every week, so you’ll never run out of ideas. The app works on a subscription model that gives you unlimited access to all the training for a small monthly fee.

Aaptiv recently added a new AI-based training service called Aaptiv Coach. Coach is personalized fitness assistant that lets you upload information about your current level of fitness, diet plan and goals. The service combines the info you give it with data from your external fitness devices, such as your smartwatch or step counter. It uses all this data to create a fitness and lifestyle plan specifically customized to you.

2. Playbook

Playbook is a fitness app that leverages the power of social proof to motivate you. This app allows you to choose a famous athlete, social media influencer or personal trainer you want to pair up with as a workout partner. It then sends you daily updates on what exercise routine your partner is doing that day as well as any other fitness or diet advice they have for you.

Every athlete on Playbook has their own channel that broadcasts their updates to you in real-time. Besides the instantaneous workout candy, you’ll also be able to see the last 10 exercise routines they’ve completed. This makes sure you get variety in addition to the instant inspiration.

Playbook also lets you talk directly with your workout partner and any other users that are also partnering with them. If things don’t work out with the one you’ve chosen, the app allows you to change the channel at any time.

3. HiFit

HiFit is an exercise app geared toward busy people. If you want to stay in shape but you don’t have much spare time, this is the app for you. This handy little program has thousands of short workout routines that you can fit into your day whenever you have a moment free.

Featuring flexible workout moments anywhere from 30 seconds to seven minutes long, HiFit always has an idea for you no matter how little time you have. It also features complete exercise courses that allow you to accumulate all your short workouts into a concrete long-term goal.

4. Strava

Strava is a comprehensive tracking app with an in-house social network. This program is made for people who like to exercise outside of the gym but don’t want to leave behind the stability and organization that gyms provide.

If you love outdoor adventures like running and cycling, Strava will come with you on your escapade. It will keep track of the distance you’ve traveled, the calories you’ve burned and your average speed and elevation so that you can enjoy the adventure.

Strava’s social network lets you share your exercise highlights and statistics with other fitness lovers. It has a variety of user-created exercise clubs where you can discover tips and tricks to keep your workouts fresh. Strava is compatible with the majority of GPS-based fitness devices and activity trackers.

5. MyPlate

MyPlate is a tracking app designed for beginners. It has a treasure trove of quick workouts you can browse through that don’t require a lot of experience or knowhow.

One of our favorite MyPlate features is its detailed meal plans. These free eight-week plans are detailed, simple and customizable to your lifestyle. Once you’ve settled on the right plan for you, it will begin to send you daily diet emails and weekly shopping lists to make sure you always have healthy ingredients available.

MyPlate also has a gold membership that provides you with advanced statistics, daily exercise plans and members-only dieting guides.

If you loved these apps and want more, here is some additional info on these as well as a few more health apps that are worth taking a look at.

The author is Dr. Dee (Amanda) here from Healing Hands Chiropractic.

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