5 Getaways in the Post-COVID World 

5 Getaways in the Post-COVID World 

Things haven’t been quite great in the travel department since 2020. But as the world is coming back to its feet, more and more people are going online and booking vacations to escape the mundane life and COVID hangover.

The COVID restrictions may not have been entirely gone, but we have got enough relaxations to pick a place of our choice for a much-needed vacation. Now whether you take flights from airlines such as KLM airlines or go somewhere local, the good part is, you are much safer today as opposed to the scenario a year ago.

Now, if you are still scratching your head as to where should you pack your bags and fly to, let us give some recommendations and help you out.

Within the Netherlands – Amsterdam

Photo by Liam Gant: https://www.pexels.com/photo/three-bicycle-upright-parked-on-bridge-1414467/

Amsterdam has got a bit of everything. There is natural beauty to take in as well as buzzing city life. Places like Nine Streets are a hub of all things travel and shopping and much more. This place is bustling with hotels and restaurants, and it doesn’t matter which cuisine you prefer, because you can find it all at Nine Streets. Going down the road you find some hot tourist spots and can even get a horse carriage ride. Not to mention, the lake right opposite is a hot and happening place and you can go for a boat or yacht ride that gives you quite a tour of the city.

International – New Delhi

Photo by Storishh: https://www.pexels.com/photo/an-arched-window-with-a-mural-on-an-old-concrete-wall-1853043/

I won’t exoticize India as a land of mystics and all of that, but there indeed is a lot to explore for someone who hasn’t been to India. Whether it’s a cultural trip or a traditional one where you go looking for monuments, landmarks and visually aesthetic places, New Delhi offers a bouquet of options for you. Delhi is also famous for its street food that the locals are quite addicted to.

If you do plan to go to New Delhi, do make sure you check out the weather as it can get very hot and humid in summers.


Photo: LeisureMartini

If you are looking to get some European vibes away from home, Kashmir has landscapes that will remind you so much of so many places home and, yet, it has a unique character of its own. Kashmir is also a land of rich history and cultural heritage. As a tourist, you won’t run out of things to enjoy in Kashmir, not to mention all the activities you can indulge in. For accommodation, staying in a houseboat right on top of Dal Lake is a unique experience one doesn’t get to enjoy in a lot of other places.


Photo by JÉSHOOTS: https://www.pexels.com/photo/architecture-bridge-building-structures-castle-126292/

If there is a list of places in the world that serve just the perfect combination of tourist-worthy and economical, Prague comes right on top of that list. Whether it’s the always busy Wenceslas Square that gives you a whole wide variety of options when it comes to shopping and all the eateries, or the Old Town that is a whole new world nestled in a beautiful little corner of Prague. 

No matter how many times you visit Old Town Prague, it is as beguiling the tenth time as it is the first time. And of course, walking down the Charles Bridge on a chilly winter night is an experience made in heaven. In a lot of ways, Prague is a city that feels like it was made in the magic hour, and you got to be there to experience it.

Amalfi and Maori, Italy

We all have our own ideas on how we want our vacations to go. If on your agenda is a quiet little beach town with just enough sights to sink your teeth into, Maori is a fantastic option. 

Maori is an amazing balance of quietness and yet a touristy vibe that will serve as a perfect getaway. A bus tour from Maori takes you to Amalfi – its more popular cousin. There are some breathtaking visuals to experience in Amalfi and you’d want to go there over and over again.


Hopefully, the worst of COVID is past us and now is the right time to choose your preferred getaway and just fly to that place. We all need a break!

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