5 Fun Surprises to Include With Your Next Letter

5 Fun Surprises to Include With Your Next Letter

Even though so much of our correspondence has gone digital, everyone loves getting a letter or card in the mail. The thought and care that go into good old-fashioned snail mail will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

To make your next letter or card even more special, why not include a little something to surprise the recipient?  Here are a few unique ideas for memorable gifts to tuck into an envelope before you send it off. 


Bookmarks easily fit in envelopes of almost any size. They’re a special, unexpected touch in a letter and are sure to be treasured. Think beyond cardstock or paper: a beaded elastic bookmark, wooden bookmark or sewn bookmark are some fun twists on the basic bookmark.

Tiny Treats

Although you’ve most certainly included a gift card to a favorite eatery in your letters before, have you considered adding an actual treat? A teabag or little bag of a spice blend work well, and will lay flat in your envelope. In a larger envelope, you could even include a packet of cocoa, hot cider mix or coffee!

Miniature Art

Whether hand-crafted or purchased, a tiny piece of artwork gives a little flair to an otherwise plain letter. Even a simple doodle adds a pretty touch. If you’re particularly crafty, you could fashion a miniature frame for the artwork out of thin cardstock. 


If the recipient is celebrating a birthday, graduation or other special occasion, a few pinches of confetti can turn your envelope into a miniature party. A little bit of glitter can have the same effect. You can sprinkle it right into the envelope or tuck it inside the card or letter. For a real celebratory feel, add some balloons too.

Seed Packets

Seed packets are the perfect addition to a spring letter or card, particularly for your friends with a green thumb. Flower, ornamental plant or vegetable seeds are all equally lovely. Be sure to check with local regulations to be sure that your recipient is allowed to receive the seed type you plan to send.

Whatever you decide include in your letter or card, be sure to check that you’ve used enough postage to ensure that your gift makes it all the way to its destination. Personal touches like these speak volumes of your love and affection. The recipient will be delighted that you put so much thought and care into something so simple.

Christie Lewis
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