5 Easy Hairstyles for College Girls

5 Easy Hairstyles for College Girls

College years can be the best time of your life but at the same time the most stressful. With finals, papers or crazy roommates, it can get a little overwhelming. So maybe you’re thinking with all this stuff on your mind who has time for styling her hair? But don’t worry, since being presentable has never been easier! Even if you forgot to wash your hair or just didn’t have the time to style it in the way you usually do, these quick and easy hairstyles will make you look nice in a jiffy!

A Half up Bun

This hairstyle requires zero effort and all you need is your hair and gorgeous hair accessories. Separate the top half of your hair and secure it with a hair tie. You want to make sure that it’s tight. If you want to achieve a more voluminous look you can gently tug the top. Now slowly twist your hair around the hair tie. Now you can finish this look with a colorful scrunchie or you can put in some cute bobby pins, that’s entirely up to you.

Beach Waves

This is a modern classic which will make you look effortlessly stunning. For this look, all you need is some sea salt and a bottle spray. First, put water and sea salt into the bottle spray. Then make sure your hair is damp, you start spraying your hair from root to end and with your fingers push the roots in an upward motion. If you want extra volume you can do this with your hair flipped upside down curling it with your hands. This will give you the out of water effect. Remember to put a generous amount of sea salt but your hair shouldn’t be completely wet afterward.

Pigtail Buns

These are absolutely adorable! And a favorite look amongst many these days. Depending on your mood these buns can either be a little more on the classy or on a more laid back side. And that is up to you. To get this look, you can part your hair with a comb down the middle. You can grab one section of your hair close to the root and just twist it into a bun. Now if you want them to be more classy you can make the bun really tight, you’ll get a ballerina kind of look, but if you want them to be messy and cute, just make loose buns. You can secure them with scrunchies and bobby pins.


This is an absolute classic and at the same time such a romantic look. To make a basic braid you should make sure your hair isn’t tangled, so brush it gently. First, divide your hair into three equal parts, left, right and the middle. Then, cross the right section over the middle and the left section over the new middle part. And repeat the process until you get the braid. You can put the braid on one side of your shoulder which will make you look really romantic. And adding a pretty pastel or bright colored ribbon to secure your braid will only accentuate the romantic look.

Knot Ponytail

Ponytails are fun and really pretty looking, but can get a little boring. So this knot twist surely is a good thing. First, brush your hair and split it into two equal halves down the center. Take each section in your hand and crisscross them. Now there should be an opening between the two sections when you find it loop one side through the hole. Now pull each side tight to make sure your knot is secured. Just below the knot, you can tie your hair with an elastic band because if you choose a scrunchie the knot won’t be visible. You can grab a small piece of hair and wrap it around the tie and secure it with a bobby pin.

In Conclusion:

This season, the wavy look bashes all other in the greatest fashion yet. As it seems at this moment, this style is here to stay for any stylish college girl who doesn’t want to risk and look fresh at the same time. For more adventurous souls, the braids can win over hearts and eyes of curious lookers like no other at this moment, but the real question is how far are you ready to go to find just the right style to suit your taste.

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