Have you ever looked at the various types of rompers available and wondered which of them should be picked over others? It all depends on your personal preferences, your body shape, and the occasion you’re preparing for. Trendy Rompers have become a major part of women’s fashion, and having so many types to choose from just makes it more fun to wear.

Among all the rompers in the market, we have carefully figured out five types that you must have in your wardrobe. These five rompers are important additions to your wardrobe because they go well with all body types and can fit into almost every occasion.

Sleeveless Romper

You don’t have to be a big fan of sleeveless clothes to appreciate the beauty and versatile nature of sleeveless rompers.  This type of romper is very comfortable to wear and will be your number one choice of romper during summer season. A lot of celebrities wear the sleeveless romper to parties, it is very popular and perfect for casual outings. Another reason why you need this romper in your wardrobe is because it goes well with all types of footwear.

Hooded Romper

The hood is mostly seen in jackets and sweaters, but it looks unique on a romper and you should have one in your wardrobe. The hooded romper gives you a badass and trendy appearance, it reduces the exposure of your hair but gives so much emphasis on your beautiful facial features. What’s more, you also get protected from the sun. The hooded romper looks great whether you’re covering your head with it or just letting the hood hang backwards.

Denim Romper

For that super trendy look, you need a denim romper in your wardrobe. Lately, the popular denim materials are being used to make different types of clothing, including rompers. By default, you will find denim rompers in blue colour, which looks really good, but if you want other colours of denim rompers, you can always find them, just make sure whatever colour you pick goes well with your shoes and accessories.

Open-shoulder Romper

It is good to take a break from the norm from time to time, that is why the off the shoulder romper is on this list. As the name implies, designers have made it in such a way that your shoulders can be exposed as you rock your elegant romper, which is not a look you see all the time. If the romper is long sleeve, there will be more emphasis on your shoulders and you will look more feminine.

Floral Romper

The beauty of floral design has found way into many forms of female clothing, and the rompers are no exception. No matter the length of your floral romper, the flowery design will enhance the appearance and give you a more upbeat look. There are many who believe that floral rompers fit only younger women, but older ladies can also wear it, you just have to pick the best size for your body type!

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