5 Common Places to Meet Women Besides a Bar

5 Common Places to Meet Women Besides a Bar

Meeting women at a bar isn’t ideal. You have no idea if she’s there alone or even if she shares any common interests with you. Plus, it can be noisy and crowded, making a conversation difficult.

Does that leave you wondering where to meet women? Thankfully, there are a number of other places that you can find someone besides a bar.

1. Performing Arts Theater

If you want to know where to meet women besides bars, the theater is a great choice. Many guys don’t think of the theater, but the intermission is the best time to mingle and the best place to meet women.

Talk about the performance or do something nice and offer to buy them a drink or snack. You already know you have something in common and you can even ask if she’d like to see something together in the future.

2. The Local Gym

If you’re wondering how to meet women at the gym, it’s actually pretty simple. As long as you approach her at the right time and keep things light and casual, you could easily strike up a conversation.

Try taking a yoga class. There are a ton of benefits to practicing yoga besides flexibility, and you can start a conversation by asking for some beginner tips. If you take it seriously she’ll respect your confidence.

3. Classes and Courses

Many college-age men want to know where to meet women. But the campus is a much better option than a bar to meet single women. If you’re not a student, you can always audit a class. There are also plenty of courses offered outside of a university.

Consider taking a cooking class. Not only can you improve your culinary skills, but most women find a guy more attractive if he can cook. If you want to know where to meet girls without spending money, try volunteering.

4. Bookstores and Libraries

A bookstore may be the last place you expect to look for girls, but many bookstores have coffee shops made for customers to mingle. Offer to buy her a coffee or ask for a few recommendations by a specific author or in a certain genre.

The library is also a great place to meet women if you enroll in a class. You don’t have to keep your voice down and she’ll be impressed that you took the time to improve your skills. If you’re shy, find women online that share your interest and ask if they want to take a class together.

5. Art Museum

Taking a tour of the art museum is a great way to learn something new and you know most women you see will have an appreciation for art or history. Check out the event calendars for your local museum to find something you may be interested in seeing.

Museums also have unique classes you can take such as glass blowing and sculpting, among others. Even if you don’t find a lady in your class, you have some new skills that you can use as your next icebreaker.

So the next time you ask where can I meet a girl, ditch the bar and try one of the options on this list. You don’t have to wonder where to meet women anymore since it’s easy to find someone with similar interests. Just remember to keep it casual and be approachable. Don’t come on too strong and she’ll naturally want to talk to you.  

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