5 Comedies You’ll Love Every Bit and Bite of

5 Comedies You’ll Love Every Bit and Bite of

It’s no cult – it’s no pulp – its least fiction – comedy, the glue and glee of our lives. To see comedy as a serious genre is a rare perception, but rather a clear one.

The droll has the stomach to get us all rolling on ours. Funny how it is interdicted in the most sensitive and grave state of affairs – those are the times we need the maximum doze of some absurd, unhealthy, maybe even downright offending humor.

Satire, a delicious word for grim comedy is quite an appealing subject to those who know pleasantry inside-out. Terminology like irony, tragicomedy, lampoon et al. is posh. Better still it makes us appear more cultured when it comes to comedy. But sometimes, all we need is the Just for Kicks and Laughs entertainment. Here are a few for your funny bone:

Everybody Loves Raymond: Ray the Barone is the Apple of everyone’s eyes. Ray the Romano is my secret li’l crush since the first time I watched him play Debra’s lousy hubby in ELR. The baritone Robert can hate Ray for being the cooler, cutter and canny (in the most innocent of ways) but that doesn’t distort the family photo for the bunch that totally believes in “su casa es mi casa”.

Two-and-a-half Men:  Charlie Sheen on the show or not, this sitcom will rarely let rest your bum rest on the couch. Funny, and at times a little ‘cheap’ dirty, this one is a total entertainer. Though some may not like the fresh version of the series, I think it still is hilarious enough to bring on some giggles.

How I Met Your Mother: It’s that show when you need a breather. Its THAT show when you need a story – a very normal one – but being narrated in an extraordinarily p-u-n-n-y manner…I wish I could put the original ‘f’ in that word – but you know the ‘p’ for pun seems more appropriate. Ted’s life is stuck trying to find the love of his life. Is that comic? That EXACTLY is comic.

The Big Bang Theory: What happens when you put geeky, socially awkward, cynics and intellects in the same room? You have the big bang. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady got ‘it all started’ with the BIG BANG theory. Originally aired on CBS, this one needs little introduction to anyone living in any corner of the world. Here is a bite of Sheldon, “I’m quite aware of the way humans reproduce, which is messy, unsanitary and involves loud unnecessary appeals to a deity.”

Suits: Of drug deals and college-dropouts continuously on a sophisticated brawl for something extra fishy, Suits seems a misfit here. Doesn’t it? Look at it as a series of stumbles that happen by sheer fortunes missed. It’s like life – You win some – You lose some – Ross wins a job in law without a degree!

Whether you pick a Charlie over a Cyrus, or a Frank Miller over a P.G. Wodehouse – the point is that comedy always works. Tis’ comedy’s sole wish to win you like a trickster – out from the archetype of routine, right into the whirly whooshing wind of wittiness. Why Comedy – you may ask. Because it is the only emotion that celebrates the human errs. The Guffaws at the foibles, strangely enough, are the best teachers.

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