5 Best Birthday Experiences For Your Partner Living In Mumbai

5 Best Birthday Experiences For Your Partner Living In Mumbai

Having a long distance relationship can be demanding. You’ll hear people saying the worst things about your relationship success odds, but if you understand that you guys are not in the Stone Age anymore, there are amazing ways to keep the spark in the relationship alive. And especially if it’s your partner’s birthday, you ought to make it special.

If you are in one corner of the country while your partner lives Mumbai, trust us, the birthday surprises can be awesome. But first and foremost, surprise them with your visit! Next up, don’t let them show you around but do enough research to know what exactly you want of their birthday. So, we are presenting here 7 things you can do in Mumbai with your partner on their birthday. Take the guide:

1. Bicycle Tour of South Bombay

There are a lot of things in Mumbai that can be done but the bicycle tour of South Bombay (SOBO) is one of a kind. The riders start off early in the morning into the lanes of SOBO riding through the Bombay Panjrapole and Sasoon Dock and experience the relaxed and serene life that is rare to witness in the fast paced city of Mumbai. Take your partner out on a bicycle tour of SOBO and show them the beauty of Mumbai.

2. Paragliding in Kamshet

Kamshet is a beautiful destination located around 100 kms away from Mumbai. Paragliding is one of the most adrenaline pumping adventures that one can do without risking their life. If you and your partner are fun-filled and have been planning to do something adventurous and memorable in your lives, you should definitely go for paragliding with your partner on this special day.

3 . Send Flowers Throughout the Day

The best way to brighten up their day is by giving them a surprise of flowers throughout the day. Set up a reliable florist in Mumbai and have their favorite flowers delivered at their place throughout the day.

4. Bollywood Tour

Mumbai is known as the Kingdom of Dreams where the reel life rules over the real live. Bollywood tour makes one aware about the lifestyle of the actors, the rising stars and behind the scenes of movies. If the person is lucky then they can even meet the actors one on one. Get your partner a ticket to bollywood tour and you can make them live their dream of meeting a bollywood star in real life.

5. Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

If your partner is passionate about water and the flora and fauna beneath the ocean, take them to Tarkali which is a location 536 Kms from Mumbai. They can do the Dolphin Safari or the Tsunami Island Safari. For the Scuba Diving, both the swimmers and the non swimmers are guided by trained Scuba Divers. It is a once in a lifetime 20 minute adventure that will get engraved in their memory.

We are sure that your efforts will count and make your partner’s birthday special.

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