5 Alternatives to Talcum Powder

5 Alternatives to Talcum Powder

Talcum powders need no introduction! They are one of the most popular and affordable summer skincare essentials in Indian households. We all have at least heard of them if not used them. Have you ever wondered why?

Apart from being available easily at affordable prices, talcum powders or talcs come in handy during the hot and sweaty summers.

They help absorb excess oil and sweat, mask body odor to help keep the folds of skin dry, and also cool and minimize the chances of skin irritations. But do we ever wonder what these powders contain in them to offer such a plethora of benefits? 

A body powder is a regular-use product. From toddlers to adults, we all use dusting powder on our bodies to avoid allergies and rashes. Beauty brands are also offering organic dusting powders these days, given the increasing demand for naturally processed goods.

Although we use these powders regularly, we merely pay attention to their composition and ingredients. Yes, there’s more to a body powder that you need to know! Read on to discover the alternatives to talcum made with chemicals. Discover the products you can try as a substitute to talc while reaping all the benefits of the product. 

Use a body powder with the essence of natural oils and products to pamper your skin! 

What is a Talcum powder?

Talcum powder is made with grounded talc, which is a naturally occurring, mineral mined from the earth, rich in silicon, oxygen, magnesium and hydrogen. It is white and has a soft, powdery texture. It is a multi-purpose product used from head to toe to absorb excess oil and sweat, reduce friction to avoid chafing and control body odour. But apart from its myriad of benefits, talcum powders may not be safe at all. Yes, they have been associated with various health concerns, and therefore, you must switch to another natural and healthier body powder.

5 Talcum Powder Alternatives you should consider

Now we understand how crucial a fresh body powder may be in your routine. So, we have collated a list of 5 safer alternatives that you must consider switching to. 

Home-based alternatives:

These include simple ingredients that can be easily found in any household or your nearby local store –

  1. Kaolin Clay

Clay that has kaolinite minerals is known as Kaolin clay. This clay is rich in silica and has a neutral pH. This white clay is mild on the skin and has a soft fine texture that makes it suitable for all skin types.

Owing to its deep cleansing and absorbing properties, kaolin clay makes a great alternative to the regular body powder and is also getting popular in other skincare products.

  1. Rice Flour

An ingredient that every household is familiar with, rice powder not just offers to be a brilliant alternative for talcum powder but has many benefits for the skin too.

● Rich in amino acids, it helps in improving skin texture.

● Rich in vitamin E, it helps maintain our skin’s youthfulness. 

● Enriched with phytic acids, it helps to shed off dead skin build-up on the surface of the skin.

  1. Arrowroot powder

Arrowroot is yet another body powder that works as a great alternative to talcum powders. It helps maintain the pH balance of the skin, naturally absorbs moisture and helps draw out toxins from the skin pores. Arrowroot is anti-inflammatory and makes a naturally soothing ingredient for skin irritations. It also helps keep skin soft and improve its texture.

Organic Talc-free dusting powders – 

If the above single ingredients do not interest you, and you are looking for alternatives that are more refreshing and have an appealing aroma, then here are two certified organic dusting powders made with organic flowers, root extracts and plant powders that you should check out right away – 

  1. Damask Rose & Jasmine organic dusting powder

This face and body dusting powder is enriched with floral powders, gentle clays, and root powders to keep the skin dry and cool. Formulated with Rice powder and kaolin clay, this body powder helps deeply cleanse the pores, absorb sweat and excess oils and improves skin’s texture.

Rose flower improves skin’s natural tone and texture while Jasmine essential oil helps soothe skin irritations.

  1. Tea-tree & Peppermint Organic dusting powder

This refreshing face and body dusting powder are enriched with Tea tree and Peppermint essential oils, gentle clays, and root powders to keep the skin dry and cool.

Enriched with Arrowroot powder, an effective absorbent, it helps reduce greasiness, absorbs sweat and keeps the skin fresh for long hours. Tea tree, peppermint and rosemary oils help soothe skin inflammations, rashes and irritations. 

Both of these variants are free of any additives, fillers or talcum. Go ahead, treat your body to 100% organic indulgence with these delightfully aromatic dusting powders.

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