4 Ways to Get Your Pad Dude Ready

4 Ways to Get Your Pad Dude Ready

Did you finally move out of your parents house or break off from your college friends and get your own place? Moving into your first house or apartment solo is an exciting time for a number of reasons. From decking the place out with your vibe, living by your own rules and an increased feeling of adulthood, this is a great step in life.

Whether you’re moving in as a solo bachelor or just for a change in scenery, there’s a lot that goes into outfitting your pad. Before you know it, you’ll be hosting parties with friends, and potentially having overnight guests. So, while this may be your space, you need to think beyond just you. Read along as we touch on a few ways you can prep your pad to be dude ready.

1. Keep your bathroom stocked

If there’s one room in your place that everyone will visit and use, you can bet your money it’s going to be the bathroom. This space is often overlooked by guys, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms and one that can leave a lasting impression on guests…don’t have it be for the wrong reasons!

Your bathroom should always be well stocked with essentials for everyone, from toilet paper and hand soap, to a soft towel set an overnight guest wouldn’t mind using the next morning if you play your cards right. 

Additionally, you should keep your medicine cabinet well organized. Part of adulting is being ready for everything you need to tackle your own wellness and much of that comes down to self-care products. Consider keeping one shelf for your personal items such as hair growth products and grooming supplies. Another shelf can be reserved for more general items from ibuprofen to dental floss for guests to use. Not only are these good to have handy, but visitors will appreciate the forethought you put into thinking of them as well!

2. Have a hosting area

When you get your own place, it’s generally expected that you will have space for entertaining and people to hangout. Gone are the days of using whatever couch your great aunt had to give away, it’s time to step up your game.

A good rule of thumb is to have more than one spot for people to kick back and relax. Between a big comfy couch and an armchair or a smaller sleeper sofa for dual functionality, multiple places for people to lounge is key to having a great area to host guests and keep them comfortable enough to stick around

Whether they’re over for a quick visit or to watch the big game or a favorite show, you should also have an entertainment system capable of entertaining guests. Services like YoutubeTV are a great way to make sure you can catch live events or shows while also having built-in streaming apps to use. And if you are wondering what to watch, we have got the lest of best films since 1990 from Hollywood to sort you out.

3. Step up your at-home bar

Similar to the increased expectations for your hosting area, the same goes for your at-home bar. Ditch the plastic red cups and opt for a glassware set that’s sophisticated yet casual enough to sip anything from a scotch on the rocks to a simple glass of water.  

While you’re stepping up your bar game, this doesn’t mean you need to reach for top shelf options. However, options is the keyword here. Strive to have a little bit of something for everyone. A few light liquors and a few darks is a great starting point, along with a beer option or two in the refrigerator should more than suffice. The best part of hosting and having a home bar is over time people will bring over what you like and you will begin to accumulate quite the back bar!

4. Add touches of interior design

One final and often forgotten about aspect of owning your own space is decorating. Whether you have a house or apartment, there’s going to be plenty of blank spaces for you to express yourself and fill with decor. 

While flags, posters, and cardboard beer boxes may have been the move in college, you’re an adult now and that is certainly not the look for a young professional. From area lighting, rugs, oversized canvas wall art and plants, adding a few of these elements can up your design game easily, and on a budget.

Moving into your own place is a great opportunity. Not only is it a time for you to continue growing and learning more about yourself, but also a time for people to see who the true you is. Take these tips into consideration to prep your pad and feel free to implement anything else that’s a bit more unique to you. No matter what, have fun with it, enjoy it, and keep a positive attitude throughout. Best of luck, we know you got this!

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