4 Mean Things Your Boss Says That Make You Hate Him

4 Mean Things Your Boss Says That Make You Hate Him
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Plodding through the woeful office hours, there are some archetypal boss-jibes that constantly remind you what a drag he is. Through part experience, part hearsay all experience, I compile 4 inconsiderate I am used to hear from my boss (from the last job, the present one, and in all likelihood, the next one as well)

Suck on these, you harebrained soul:

  •  “Take Ownership”
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And then, what? When you are working on a project that is squandering all your valuable time and energy, because it calls for overtimes every day, you don’t consider it a bad idea to land in your boss’ cabin and confess what needs to be confessed – the deadlines *must* extend . And then he starts doling out his sermon, which starts with, “Take ownership of the project”, following it with some more sermon,

“YOU are the doer, I am just the guy who forwards your work to the client, and gets paid for it. Only once he pays me would I be able to pay you your monthly wage”

You fucker, whatever happened to the earlier projects I slogged days and nights on? You drank all the money you earned from them? Coz you didn’t pay me even half a percentage of the total cash that came your way.

  • “Do Not Work by the Clock”
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And why don’t you stop paying me by the budget? If I am spending 13 hours in office instead of 9, how about doubling my salary and dropping me home every time I leave office at 11? Yeah, I am not a woman who needs to be scared of the dark, so fucking what! They don’t send flying machines for men to commute between home and office, they never will.

  • “Don’t go by what client says, he knows nothing. We tell him how it’s done”
  • “Client is king, don’t roam restlessly with your ideas that are not wanted at all.”
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A problem of everlasting proportions. It’s rare that you are on the same page as your client when he lays down certain expectations you know you can deliver.

Regrettably, your miserable manager sniffs your comfort(ever so unacceptable) and denounces the clients as dumb, only so that you continue slogging day and night and go bonkers in your quest to come up with new ideas.

I have also been through this other kind of a misery, when I had something better in your mind than what client expected. This is when I decided to break the shackles and started thinking out of the box. So, I set my own roadmap with the intent to surprise and impress HIM, only to be exacerbated by his utter disdain of my ideas.

We still await the day when managers of the world stop living under the boss’ “constraints”.

Rohit Raina
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