4 Things To Do Regularly To Master The Art Of Adulting

4 Things To Do Regularly To Master The Art Of Adulting

The art of adulting – it’s not as easy as it sounds. Though millennials receive a lot of criticism, this generation is proving to be less destructive in their behaviour than their predecessors.

They’re proving that adulting isn’t measured by your wealth, your marital status, or giving up your favorite cartoons.

Instead, successful adulting might actually mean that you’re living authentically, in line with your own personal ethos, and mindful of how your actions impact others.

Here are four habits that indicate you are adulting like a pro:

1. Smiling When Times Are Tough

We’re not talking about toxic positivity (the art of denying the struggles of life and whitewashing tough times by pretending everything is dandy). No.

Smiling through tough times means waking up to find something positive to strive towards. An actual physical smile can help you program your brain to find the bright side in every situation, even if you start off faking it.

Self-conscious about your smile? Visit a dentist – dental veneers can be a life-changing move, empowering you to adjust your world view simply by giving you a radiant smile. 

2. Parenting Yourself Responsibly

Parenting yourself? This might sound odd, but it is a big part of what adulting entails. It means taking care of yourself as if you are your own parent.

Making sure you have a healthy routine, getting enough sleep, staying away from people and situations that are harmful or toxic to your mental health, ensuring you have a good job and a decent income.

Parenting yourself isn’t easy. It often means switching off Netflix so that you can wake up refreshed and ready for work the next day. It means breaking out of toxic cycles so you can achieve your goals. 

3. Observing A Healthy Daily Routine

Do you manage to wake up on time for work each day? Do you give yourself enough time to get dressed calmly and enjoy a healthy breakfast? Do you get to bed at a decent hour each evening? Have you worked out an exercise routine you can follow consistently?

These are some of the important habits that show you have mastered adulting. Rolling into the office after a night out doesn’t convey much professionalism, although it might be fun.

The ability to balance work and pleasure gracefully is a sure sign you’ve mastered the art of adulting. 

4. Setting Emotional Boundaries 

Taking some discomfort for the sake of keeping the peace is not a sign of emotional maturity. It is now being recognized by mental health professionals as a trauma response that becomes a long-term habit.

If you were parenting your child, would you want them to set aside their comfort and well-being for the sake of keeping the peace, or would you want your child to learn how to set boundaries that are kind and respectful but firm? Hopefully the latter. There are many ways to learn how to set boundaries. If you’re not 100% confident, do some research and master this essential adulting skill. 

Are you mastering the art of adulting? You don’t have to have all of these points down to be a successful adult, you simply have to be aware of them and strive to improve.

Consistent effort yields results. Adulting well means you are aware of your role in the world and how it impacts those around you. It means being accommodating of others without compromising on your own needs.

Image credit: Unsplash Radu Florin

Christie Lewis
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