4 Signs You Are In The Wrong Job

4 Signs You Are In The Wrong Job

You know that rare feeling when you wake up even before the alarm rings, get all decked up formally, and catch the first bus to the office. When you are the cynosure of your boss’ eyes, when your colleagues look up to you, and when that hot chick Priyanka can’t stop gushing about you, your career has definitely hit that sweet spot!

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Signs you are in the wrong job

For those, whose office life appears eerily out of sync with their aspirations, it’s high time you start looking for signs to know that you indeed are in the wrong job:

Morning Starts with Make-Belief Excuses for Not Getting Your Arse off the Bed

“I think I got flu”, or may be a little subtle, “My head is aching a little, and it might get worse sitting in front of my Laptop screen” or hell… “I have loose motions” Same old, tried and tired hokum

If such a strong unwillingness to turn up at work is not your sign, I don’t know what is.

When Everyone on Your Way to Office Seems So Damn Lucky Because They Don’t work At The Same Place As you

The not-so-sad – and occasionally smiling – faces on the street/ in the bus bother you that how can others be so out of stress when your job is choking you left, right and centre. Even the sight of a water vendor earning not more than a rupee per glass seems more blessed working in the open, without any deadlines or the yawny visuals of big fat men sitting at the counter of their self-owned shops makes you wanting to lead their lives, you know you are conquered by miserability.

Just a Ping from the Boss Scares the Daylights Out of You

So, you hate your boss. Big deal! Everyone hates him.  But when onlyhis name popping up at the sidebar of your screen, asking you to meet him in his cabin, sends you in a tizzy of terror, you know that’s not the boss-employee relationship you were hoping for in your good old unemployed days!

While 9am to 6pm is a Drag, 6pm to 9am is Hardly Recallable

And then there is that! You might have checked time a little while ago when it was 12:30, but 15 minutes later, the clock could drag itself till 12:34 only. You might owe it to plain boredom, but ask yourself, are you really bored stiff, or is this the wrongest place on planet earth you are working at?

Honourable Mention: If the boss leaves for home half an hour early, those 30 minutes are the best of your life!

Once in a blue moon, your boss goes on a long vacation and everything starts looking rosy. That one thing is worth the price of admission. But with such moments agonizingly few and far in between, change of job must be on the cards to avert slavery’s singular horrors!

Authored by Rohit Raina

Rohit Raina
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