30 Quick-Fire Fashion Tips Every Woman in 2020 Should Know

30 Quick-Fire Fashion Tips Every Woman in 2020 Should Know

Throughout history, the one sure-as-sky thing that you could count on was that each era would have its own style of fashion. Today, that continues. But what was in style last year might not be in right now, so you have to constantly play keep up with the newest trends.

2020 is bringing with it a little of the old and a lot of the new. Here are 30 quick-fire fashion tips you need to know if you want to look trendy and fashionable in the otherwise a not too bright year.

30 Fashion Tips for Women in 2020 That You Must Know

1. Shop for comfort and style

2020 Fashion tips for women

The time for wearing six-inch stilettos because they make your calves look good is gone. Instead, in 2020 we know that what you wear and what you eat makes a difference in your physical and mental health, and styles that focus on looks over comfort are long-gone.

2. Lingerie is for under your clothes

2020 Fashion tips for women

There was a thankfully short time period where it was considered hip to wear your bras visibly and let your panty lines show. In 2020, your lingerie should be where it belongs: under your clothes. When you buy panties and bras that fit right and have a good shape and design, they should be almost seamlessly underneath your pants or skirt. You know they’re there, but we can’t see them, and that’s as it should be.

2020 Fashion tips for women

3. You don’t have to shop designer to look good

With millions of people up to their eyeballs in debt, it’s not in style anymore to run up your credit cards to buy name-brand. Instead, you have thousands of discount options online at your fingertips. You can still buy designer, but shop around.

2020 Fashion tips for women

Outlet stores, gently used thrift shops, and other opportunities are available for you to donate, sell, and purchase high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

4. Fill your wardrobe with smart clothes

Instead of a closet busting at the seams with clothing you’ll likely never wear, shop smart. Hae a few basics on hand – jeans, versatile tops, a skirt, and shoes that go with everything. Then throw in some bold accessories, like a cute choker necklace, to add flair to your outfit.

5. Black is back

2020 Fashion tips for women

Sure, you want color in your outfits, and too much black is depressing, but if you use it right, black is a classy, elegant, slimming color that everyone should utilize. Wear the classic black t-shirt or slacks and finish your look with a colorful addition of a scarf or jewelry.

6. You’re never fully dressed without a smile

This line may have been popular decades ago, but it still rings true. The best way to be fashionable and exhibit that radiant glow is to be happy and show off that natural smile.

A girl in tights smiling

7. If a style doesn’t suit your body type, don’t wear it

Follow the rule: Just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should. Learn what styles look good on you, what is recommended for your height and body type, and what you like, and then buy clothes that fit that pattern.

8. Prints are popular

Go for wild looks with animal prints, tie-dyed colors, fringe and crochet looks, and bright or bold colors.

9. Go for the bulky belts

2020 fashion tips for women

Accentuate your curves and waistline with a dark belt with decorative accessories.

10. Add a hat

2020 fashion tips for women

No longer for the days when you ran out of the house late and didn’t have time to do your hair, caps and hats are a fun accessory to show off your face and play around with your favorite style!

11. Choose the right bra

2020 Fashion tips for women

There’s never a one-size-fits-all option for bras, and to complete your look, you need to wear a bra that fits you well. With all of the bra companies out there and the thousands of styles, you have no excuse for not finding the just-right bra for your body.

12. Don’t forget the classics

2020 fashion tips for women

Every woman needs a denim jacket and a long, well-designed trench coat. You never know when they’ll come in handy for just the right look.

13. Scarves are the must-have accessory

Most beautiful face in an elegant scarf and overall clothes

There are a hundred different ways that you can add a scarf to your look, and you should learn them all. There’s a reason they were once the it-item for a woman’s style and they have come back around for 2020.

14. Know your skin-tone

2020 fashion tips for women

Colors that look amazing on one person may not look so great on you. Certain colors can wash out your skin tone, making you look sallow or yellow. Be honest with yourself and what works and doesn’t. That cat-puke green may look bomb on someone else, but it just may not be for you.

15. Layer the right way

2020 fashion tips for women

When you layer your clothes properly, they can be used to hide unflattering parts of your body or accentuate areas you would like to show off.

16. Plaid is not just for lumberjacks

Patterns like plaids, chambrays, and denim have been feminized to make beautiful clothing. Use these patterns in your shirt choices to add a flair to your outfit.

17. Reduce the urge to impulse shop

You may be dying for that one item you saw in the window or on your favorite designer’s site, but wait. It will go on sale, or you’ll find one just like it with a little research and time.

18. You must have a little black dress

2020 fashion tips for women

Find that perfect LBD that fits you, shows off all of your curves, and makes you feel like a million dollars. Keep it in your closet, take care of it, and love it like you’ve never loved another clothing item ever, because it will save your fashion life.

19. Learn how to tuck appropriately

There’s an art to tucking in your clothes correctly. You should learn when to tuck, when to untuck, and when to partially tuck.

20. Less is more

When it comes to accessorizing and adding colors to your outfit, remember that less is more. Don’t throw in a hodgepodge of patterns and prints, multiple colors, or too many accessories.

21. Pick a color, any color

2020 fashion tips for women

Choose a color that you want to show off for that outfit and focus on accessorizing to match that same color.

22. If you’re wearing leggings, do it right

2020 fashion tips for women

Fleece leggings should be in everyone’s wardrobe. They’re a go-to item for so many reasons! But no matter what kind of leggings you are going to wear, do it right. Leggings should always be paired with long, below the hip tops. And don’t forget tip #1 – hide your panties.

23. Keep a balance

2020 fashion tips for women

Too much skinny or too much loose are no-nos. Keep a balance. If you’re wearing a flowing skirt, pair it with a tight shirt. Tight pants can go with looser shirts. Too much loose and you look like a balloon; too much tight and…you get the picture.

24. Don’t fold your pants

Folded jeans and slacks were in style in the 80s and 90s and that trend should stay there. Instead of folding to get the right length, get your pants hemmed. Your growth spurt is probably over by now, so you’re safe.

25. Focus on the details

2020 fashion tips for women

Pay attention to the little things in your outfit. These tend to be the big things, like: are your pants zipped? Are your underwear or bra straps visible? Are there unintentional holes anywhere? Little things can mean so much but be overlooked when you are trying to add glam to your outfit.

26. Be careful with white

Not everyone can pull off white. Moms of young children, for instance, tend to accidentally get splashes of color – like red spaghetti sauce – on their white shirts and pants. If you are brave enough to go with white, layer appropriately so that your underclothing are not visible. And you might want to carry some Tide with Bleach or an extra outfit in your bag just in case.

27. Go with vertical

Some people can pull off horizontal stripes. These people are probably aliens because it’s an incredibly impressive feat. If you are not sure whether you are one of these aliens or not and you must stripe, go with vertical to be safe.

28. Dress to match the seasons

2020 fashion tips for women

It’s fun to go with the seasons! In fall, find those rich autumn colors to splash up your clothing. In the summer, find the breezy, laid back styles. Let the season dictate your fashion choices.

29. Not all dresses are created equally

Some dresses, no matter how gorgeous they are, just are not to be worn for a trip to WalMart. Save them for an evening out and stick with day dresses for running errands.

30. Show off your best assets

2020 fashion tips for women

Learn what to show off and what to hide, what looks good on you and what to avoid, and you’ll always be in style.

A Healthy, Happy Woman is the Most Beautiful

Audrey Hepburn said it best: “I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.” No matter how well-dressed you are, your soul will shine through and tell on you. Be healthy, be happy, and you’ll be beautiful in any fashion, in any era.

Christie Lewis
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