3 Lame Tips to Get Out of Her Friendzone that May or May Not Work

3 Lame Tips to Get Out of Her Friendzone that May or May Not Work

Blur the line between keyfabe and real life and find your stride. Sure, that line makes no sense. Live with it.

Experts keep screaming at the top of their voices that you need to evolve, go beyond mainstream (not necessarily with over the top frills) but you just won’t listen. Your lady friend is greeted with a number of choices when it comes to dating, and there is every possibility that you wooing her is met with heartbreaking results.

For you to be her pleasure dome, you must give your weaknesses some serious pounding and let your strengths take over. If your idea of becoming a desirable guy is reinventing yourself as a good looker, you’ve got most of it wrong. Don’t let the school of fashion-inducing love get to you.

You can be so much better than you are, but you can also one of those kinds that makes her score you on the curve, giving you brownie points for good intentions and loving you the way you are.

Stop doing what drove you into her friends’ zone in the first place

So, you don’t think twice before rushing to her home in the middle of the night when she seeks your help? From now on, stop giving a damn. Don’t be ever-available. There is enough evidence to suggest that girls get more attracted to boys with non-chalance and ‘Oh you’ll be alright without me’ attitude. You know what they say about acting pricey!

Will it work? Well, this is too mainstream and cliché, and that’s precisely why it would work.

Getting her Jealous Works. Every Single Frigging Time

Since the dawn of time, men have banked heavily on the jealousy factor to win over their girl. And it’s a modus operandi that will never cease to work. So, how about making her a little green-eyed?

Will it work? If there are feelings lurking somewhere in the corner of her heart, then you can bet your lazy arse on it!

Plant the Notion that She Likes You in that way

You gotta be skillful with this one. She will be running for her sick bag if you start leaking out the ‘Amour, wake up to the love hidden away in your heart for me’ farce towards her. The whole idea is to cleverly say things and create circumstances that make her think, and more importantly, mis-think. Start to make her believe you didn’t consider her more than friend, but now you are getting a vibe that she is trying to bring romance in this friendship and you find yourself getting sucked in. How do you do it? I have no clue.

Will it work? Are you good at shooting apple off someone’s head? Yeah, same thing.

Rohit Raina
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