3 Reasons to Learn Embroidery

3 Reasons to Learn Embroidery
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If you love crafts and want to create beautiful, personalized gifts for your friends and family members, you might have already thought about learning to embroider.

But did you know that embroidery isn’t just a way to express yourself creatively; it’s a way to make money as well?

Embroidery is one of the most profitable and popular crafts out there. And, even better, it’s not very difficult to learn.

Here are the top reasons to try embroidery as a hobby – and possibly make some money, too.  

1. You Can Do It Quickly and Cheaply

When most people imagine embroidery, they imagine spending hours (or even days) puling a needle and colored thread through a piece of material that’s affixed on a small, wooden hoop. But, while that’s probably how you remember your grandmother doing it, embroidery doesn’t have to be a slow, painstaking process.

With embroidery machines, you can stitch beautiful, intricate designs in just a few minutes – saving you time, frustration, and money.

Embroidery machines are similar to computerized sewing machines, but they can embroider colorful designs with pinpoint precision and embroider onto a variety of items that would be too difficult to stitch by hand. You can embroider on just about anything with a small starter machine – from jackets and bags to towels and caps.

With an embroidery machine, all you have to do is create your digital design, send it to the machine, and hit the ‘start’ button. If you’re looking to start an embroidery business, investing in an embroidery machine is a no-brainer – using an embroidery machine is hands down the most efficient and cost-effective way to create your embroidered masterpieces.

2. You Can Customize Almost Anything

In embroidery, there’s a saying: “If you can hoop it, you can embroider it.” While this is true when it comes to popular embroidery items like jeans, caps, polo shirts, and more, some items don’t need to be hooped at all.

Embroidery machines come with accessories that will allow you to embroider on an even wider variety of items – you can personalize shoes, tablecloths, purses, handbags, and more.  

When it comes to your designs like logos, letters, numbers, or patterns, you can purchase embroidery templates from sites like Etsy or Hoopmade, get them for free online, or commission a designer to create them for you. If you have some experience in digitizing designs and graphics, you can make them yourself.

3. Turn Your Hobby into a Side-Hustle

An embroidery business is easy to run from home because it doesn’t require much space – in fact, most embroidery businesses start in a home office or spare room.

And, because embroidery is the most popular way for businesses to create uniforms or custom apparel, an embroidery business can be highly lucrative. Most companies need their logo on personalized caps or polo shirts, and the best way to do that is by embroidering it.  

Look at it this way: the cost of a plain cap is around $5.00. Embroidering a business logo onto it will take you around 5 minutes with an embroidery machine. When you add $0.15 for supplies like cotton and $2.00 for your labor, the cost to embroider the cap will be $7.15.

If you sell the embroidered cap for $25.00, you could make almost $18.00 on a job that only took five minutes to complete. That’s a huge profit margin!

Christie Lewis
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