3 Reasons to Believe Your School Failed to Train You for Workplace Realities

3 Reasons to Believe Your School Failed to Train You for Workplace Realities

They had the best intentions when they doled out lessons on righteousness, hard work, sincerity and all the mambo-jambo, but those lessons were only built backwards and inside-out to hide what you were meant to witness, and endure.

At the ever-so-dreaded workplaces, there are things that work for you, but there are also things waiting behind the creaking doors that come out and crash into the borrowed-from-school principles and negate the ostensibly unfailing ingredients for success. The school never prepared you for these, but if you haven’t yet stepped into the big and unadulteratedly bad world of corporate life, here are a few things that come from personal experience:

School said- “Nothing Beats Hard Work and Commitment”

  • It never said a thing about Ass Kissers

Move over Joker, Voldemort, and… make way for those abysmal Ass kissers, the men with no morals under those polyester lapels. Patiently, watch them go about their daily work to yell encore at the end of the day.

Now, there are two types of ass kissers.. First being the ones who hardly work, but have nice PR skills, so to speak.

The other category belongs to people who keep slogging, just to be seen slogging. I, in fact, have my own agendas here. My workplace is filled with writers who would write fluff for the sake of reaching maximum word limit. Their full of words articles aren’t worth publishing on the private blog of 6 yr old! Tell that to my manager!

School Said -“Everything Takes a Back Seat to Your Performance”

  • It Never Warned You in the Event You Were Socially Awkward, Unable to Create a Chemistry with Your Managers

Figure this: You are a socially awkward soul who hardly belongs to a circle or network at office. While you prefer to spend time with yourself and your work, others are busy strengthening their PR and making friends with folks of the upper management.

Now, you are the guy who does a piece of job really well, and there is someone else too who is as good at it as you, if not better. Something he is better at is socializing – not your strongest suit. When it comes to choosing between the two, who do you think stands a better chance? You might scowl that you would be rid of the opportunity, but isn’t it fair on the part of the manager to go with someone he trusts. And that trust comes from the personal equation he shares with your adversary.

Your school may not have prepared you for this, but it did chase you with sermons on why you should make friends.

– School said- “Freshers Have a Learning Curve Worth Waiting For”

  • It never said a thing about Ass Beaters

They never get to taste respite – the freshers. So, while you had your fair share of harassment in the name of ragging in college, it would be a felony to believe that the misery ended right there. Instead, it has chased you all the way to your professional life. So what if they don’t make you sing right in the middle of a street or make your strip down to the last thread, there is still a scope for much damage – greater damage.

So, the person who recruited you will hand over the silliest of tasks to you just to make sure you don’t ruin the business in case you fuck up with the task. Well, they don’t trust you as yet, so that’s a convincing enough excuse.

Or, maybe, not convincing at all. Didn’t they trust you enough while they chose you over all the other job applicants at the time of the interview?

Rohit Raina
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