3 most comfortable and stylish slippers from Paragon

3 most comfortable and stylish slippers from Paragon

When you buy footwear, the first thing that you must check is how comfortable they are, while their looks should be secondary on your list. At times people have to compromise on either of the two to achieve at least one quality. But how about you get the best of both worlds in just one pair? Paragon assures you quality, comfort, and looks in every pair you buy. 

Paragon footwear isn’t just any footwear; they rank high in:

  1. Quality: Footwear from Paragon is made from high-quality fabric and is hence preferred by people who are pros of multitasking. The brand creates all kinds of soles, be it the PU soles for the rainy season or the EVA soles that offer a feather-like feeling when worn. 
  2. Style: Whether you prefer to look pretty in pink or want to go rogue in the boardroom in black, paragon footwear is available in a range of colors and styles that will suit the need of every occasion. 
  3. Comfort: Comfort is the primary thing people look at when buying footwear, and paragon assures the highest level of comfort. This footwear represents both casualness and comfort at the same time.
  4. Trust: Paragon is one of the most trusted brands in India, so much that from grandmothers to grandchildren, everyone prefers this footwear because they are durable, stylish, and economical. 

If you are convinced why you should buy Paragon footwear, let’s check out the three best 3 types of footwear you must own.

  1. Paragon running sports shoes: If you love to explore the wonders of nature every morning before you hit work, you must invest in a pair of running shoes from this trusted brand. These running shoes have a cushioned footbed, which means your feet won’t hurt upon every thrust while running or walking. Irrespective of the surface, you can wear these shoes and experience a great workout session outdoors. Available in different colors and designs, you can make a choice that suits your preferences. 
  2. Paragon comfort sandals: These are so versatile that you can wear them with your dresses, jeans, shorts, and even ethnic wear. Whether at the office or on a coffee date, these sandals with nominal heels will provide great comfort. Even if you have to stand for long hours wearing these, the soft footbed will feel like a feather to your feet. You can buy them in primary colors such as black, navy, beige, or brown to coordinate with all your outfits. 
  3. Thong flip-flops: We all have lazy days when we want just to cut some slack. On such days, tone down your look with Paragon thong flip flips, which are comfortable and stylish. So whether you’re running errands or simply have to help your parents unload groceries from the car trunk, just slip into these flip flips, and you’re good to go. They are available in the most basic colors and can be paired with pretty much everything, depending upon your comfort and style. 

These are the best and must-have footwear from Paragon.

Rohit Raina
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