3 Fun Things to Do on a Date

3 Fun Things to Do on a Date

Going on a first date is always exciting and thrilling as you don’t know what lies in store. While making a great first impression is essential, selecting the right activity where both your interests are catered is a must. For this, you can share a few date ideas with your partner and only choose a plan where both of you share the same interest. It serves no purpose to drag her to an opera show (something you might enjoy), but have her get bored midway through the performance.  

Dating somebody from a different cultural background is always more interesting because there’s so much to discuss and learn about each other. Whether it’s a single white male dating an Asian woman or vice-versa, you can be sure of having a great time if the right activity is chosen.  

A few ideas that might come in handy for a first date and build a connection as a couple are:

Try the classic dinner date

While one of the most common date ideas is that of going out for a meal together, it’s also one of the classics that can be made more memorable and unique. One way to make things more exciting is to plan an immersive dining experience in your city. While there are a select few places, it’s a fascinating experience, a real treat for the senses. If there’s no event at the moment in town, the second option is to dine at a pop-up restaurant. If there’s nothing else there, look into the possibility of booking dinner for two at an upscale restaurant in the trendy part of town. Have roses delivered to her while you’re there and dedicate a love ballad to her (if there’s music)!

Go bowling

Another classic, bowling helps to have a casual date experience without going overboard, and is a great way to bond over a game. With all the noise in the background and people milling about, there’s no pressure on deciding what to talk about. Go with the flow and see the vibes begin to build. Bowling offers a very relaxing environment, so your date will feel comfortable and right at home. The bottom line is to have fun, and if she’s indeed having fun, congratulations, you can be sure of going on your second date real soon!

Get close to nature (and each other)

If both of you are the outdoorsy type and nature lovers, great, you could indulge in your passion on a date! Select a hiking trail or route, depending on how much the both of you will be comfortable in legging it out. If you’re the super-active type, select a nice long and challenging trail (an excellent excuse to spend extra time together), or stick to a short, easygoing path. Select a beautiful scenic route as that adds to the romantic ambiance. Hold hands while enjoying the company of each other. It gives you an opportunity to spend quality time together, reveling in each other’s company. To make it a more exciting experience, carry along a picnic hamper with some fine wine and edibles to feast in a quite lovely spot along the route.

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