16 Fuss-free New Year Resolutions to Make Yourself Less Dysfunctional

16 Fuss-free New Year Resolutions to Make Yourself Less Dysfunctional

2013 might have been a roller coaster ride on the wings of a wind that winded up too fast. Or, it might have been that bumpy ride you’ve long been waiting to get over with. Whatever your case might be, since it’s a norm to celebrate the New Year with a set of resolutions, here are 15 of the promises that we take on as resolutions. The best thing about each one of these is that you make break them with ease, anytime you want to.

#2. I will love what I have got, including the fat that needs to be fixed.#1 I Will Stop Pretending that I Love My Boss. And no matter what the hell happens, will give it to him on his face.

#3. I will stop confusing other people with my relationship status.

#4 I will work for things other than money (something that I am not yet able to figure out, but soon will)

#5. I will stop posting selfies on meaningless social circles like Twitter and Facebook. (I’ll stick to Instagram)

#6. I will clean up my closet of the rags and rugs and not wear my scarf as a wrap-around.

#7. I will stop making friends out of complete strangers and fooling myself into an ever expanding social circle.

#8. I will quit saying ‘I quit’ until I mean it.

#9. I will take control of the drama in my life. No seriously, getting real is sooo in!

#10. I will wake stop excusing myself for falling in love with every other guy/girl who is just being friendly.

#11. I will talk in affirmative tense.

#12. I will stop settling down for less than I deserve AND THAT INCLUDES CHOCOLATE.

#13. I will stop writing good reviews of utterly ridiculous movies just to win Traffic.

#14. I will eat real food often than stuffing myself up with Maggie.

#15. I will stop calling in sick when I am actually half way to office and thinking about heading straight to the movies.

#16. I will improve my flawed relationship with my new year resolutions and quit all the foolhardiness around them

Team LM
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