10 Tips To Keep Yourself Parasite-Free While Traveling

10 Tips To Keep Yourself Parasite-Free While Traveling

If you are a travel freak, you will probably know the thrill of seeking new destinations. But along with the feeling of excitement comes the fear of falling prey to parasites. Believe it or not, the chances of catching these tiny bugs are always there, whether you are on a luxury holiday or a hiking trip. They can be present in the water your drink, the food you eat, the soil you walk on or the animals you come in contact with.

To make things worse, these bugs can spoil your trip and even travel with you back home. Avoiding them altogether should, therefore, be your top priority all through your vacation. Tough as it may sound, steering clear of parasites while you travel is totally possible provided that you take a few precautions. Here are some tips that can help you stay parasite-free all through your trip.

Start right at home

The first step for preventing parasites while you are away starting at home. See your specialist and tell them about the planned trip along with its timing and destination. Since they will probably know your medical history, they can guide you about the precautions against parasitic infections that you need to take. A doctor will also recommend immunization if there is a need, depending on your destination. Further, they can also educate you about the common ailments that you might suffer from and prescribe the medicines that you may need to deal with them.

Stay hygiene-conscious throughout the trip

Staying hygiene conscious right from the moment you step out of your house is another important tip to prevent parasites from entering your system. Avoid touching handles and doorknobs repeatedly because germs get carried easily from infected surfaces. Carry a sanitizer or antibacterial wipes with you so that you can clean your hands every time after coming in contact with unclean surfaces. 

Always drink bottled water

The biggest mistake that people make while traveling is drinking tap water. Stick to bottled water only, even when you dine at plush restaurants. You cannot risk exposure to parasites because even one infected drink or ice cube can make you sick. It is a good idea to buy some bottles and keep them in your hotel room so that you even brush your teeth with bottled water. Remember that parasites can make way into your system even when you brush your teeth with infected water. 

Know your enemies 

The best strategy for countering an enemy is to know them well enough, even if these are tiny stomach bugs. You can go through https://www.theedgesearch.com/2019/12/common-parasites-everyone-needs-to-be-aware-of.html to know about the most common parasites that can cause infections at home or while you travel. Being aware of the common symptoms is also vital so that you can detect them at the earliest and get help before things get worse.  

Be vigilant while you eat raw foods

Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables often harbor parasites. However, people who travel a lot prefer eating such foods because they are nutritious and light on the stomach. But not being vigilant is the worst thing to do. Buy such foods from a reputed place and inspect them thoroughly before consuming them raw. Also, wash them properly (even if you are going to peel them), preferably with bottled water to clear away germs from the surface.

Avoid meat and chicken

Certain food items are culprits in terms of being high-risk carriers of parasites and bugs. Meat and chicken are on the top of the list of such foods and you must absolutely avoid them while traveling. You can avoid eggs as well though having them in a properly cooked form is relatively safe. Check the source of such foods is you have to consume them.

Eat only from hygienic places  

Another tip to keep safe from parasites while on a vacation is to eat only from hygienic places. Avoid street food completely because these vendors are not really reliable when it comes to following hygienic practices. They may not be watchful while cutting and chopping vegetables and their cooking areas and utensils may not always be clean enough. Stick to only reputed restaurants and food joints so that you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals while keeping stomach bugs away.

Avoid swimming in freshwater

Besides what you eat and drink, the activities you indulge in also put you at high risk of getting parasitic infections. First things first, you should avoid swimming in freshwater because untreated water often harbors harmful parasites and bacteria. Swimming in a pond or soaking your feet in a stream may feel like amazing ideas but you can get really, really sick if a parasite enters your system through the skin.

Keep your feet covered 

Parasites such as hookworms and sand fleas can easily enter your body if you walk barefoot on grass, soil or sand. You may want to enjoy the feel of the earth but this surely increases your risk of a parasitic infection. The best way to avoid them is to keep your feet covered. Even if you want to walk barefoot, make sure that you clean yourself thoroughly after the walk.

Do a parasite cleanse once you return

Your strategy against parasites starts before leaving and ends only when you come back home. Despite the best precautions while you travel, there are still chances that you may be carrying a few bugs when you return. A parasitic cleanse once you are back is a great idea to get rid of any hidden intruders in there. The best way to do it is naturally, with herbs and supplements that cleanse your colon gently and eliminate any disease-causing germs for good.

Traveling safely is not just about being watchful about thieves and criminals. It is also about keeping the lurking intruders like parasites away from your digestive system. These small bugs can cause big trouble and even spoil your trip completely. However, you can just follow these simple tips and make sure that they are unable to find a way to enter your system and make their home inside your body. 

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