10 Reasons or Ways Watching Travel Vlogs Helps You to Travel Anywhere

10 Reasons or Ways Watching Travel Vlogs Helps You to Travel Anywhere

Travelling is indeed one of the most common things written on many people’s bucket lists. Truly, there’s so much to learn when you get to spend leisure travels in your country and all over the world. It’s just that you need to know how to travel effectively; that is how you will be spending every second worthwhile!

While you might be stuck in the house today, lying on your bed, thinking of how to spend time productively, you could explore things about travelling! One of the best ways to be educated about how to travel efficiently is watching informative travel vlogs!

There are many variations and styles of travel vlogs, depending on how the travellers who shoot them want their stories exhibited. There are vlogs that list down general travel tips, and there are vlogs which are focused on a specific destination. You can choose to watch  travel vlogs based on your interest and need.

Especially for first-time travellers and for people who are not-so-used-to travelling, travel vlogs help a lot, yet even though you are a long-time traveller already, there are still loads of amazing things to learn from them! 

This piece aims to let you know how watching travel vlogs will help you travel efficiently.

These come from personal experiences, I recently toured to Cyprus and stayed in some amazing villas – perfect for a blog.

Of course, you won’t want to regret parts of your travel because of mistakes which could have been avoided. Travel vlogs can educate you too, and here are 10 ways how!


Travel vlogs shared to the public, for all kinds of travellers to watch and listen to, work towards giving travel tips that would be advantageous for everybody.

In one vlog, the subject could be travel tips in general or travel tips regarding particular matters. The latter include travel tips to save money during your trip abroad, tips to find the most comfortable hotels in the world, tips to pack light, tips to talk like a local abroad and many more! 

The topics in travel vlogs set on helping other people through general travel tips are vast! There are many preparations to be done before travelling and many situations to face during travelling, so subjects are numerous without a doubt!


As mentioned previously, not only travel tips in general but also information about specific locations can be found from travel vlogs!

Say you are looking for vlogs that will help you know more about travelling in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. Surely, you can find those made perfectly for tourists who are curious to visit it!

When you watch these travel vlogs which are centered on the specific destination you are soon going to or you are still planning to visit, you will be given an idea on how to travel to and in there! What’s even more aidful is that the vlog is tailored for that country or city only, meaning you will not worry whether or not those tips really suit you and your spotted location. Why? Because they are exactly what you are looking for!


Watching travel vlogs basically helps you prepare before you get up and leave for your trip! Especially if it’s your first time visiting a certain country, you need to be fully ready. Watching them can benefit you a lot!

Since informative travel vlogs aim to directly inform travellers, you are sure that you will not step on that foreign land with zero knowledge about it! In many ways, through creative and educational travel vlogs, you can be guided so you can prepare well!


One of the most challenging parts of travelling abroad is being able to communicate with the locals and also with tourists like you. Focusing on the locals, it would really help if you will select travel vlogs that also teach some words commonly used there. 

Since you will be strolling, eating out, going on adventures, you will be interacting with many locals. Some might know how to speak in English (that’s a relief), but expect that most of the people there do not. That is why learning the most used words, usually the basic conversational sentences, is very important as well. 

With some knowledge about their language, you will be able to understand them better and to express yourself in a more comprehensive way. You will save time explaining too much, and you will avoid getting the wrong things and directions. 

You can take note of those words you hear from travel vlogs, and practice and study them more. Remember that you don’t need to be fluent in it; you just need to be understable! 


Definitely among the most fascinating aspects when you watch travel vlogs, tourist spots are awesome! 

In case there is a single vlog that talks about more than one country that the vlogger visited, you can separately jot them down. Although you might not be going there already, still, by the time you are, then, you can go back to your notes. 

Meanwhile, if you are about to visit Melbourne without a tourist guide, watching travel vlogs about this city can help you find out the most popular tourist spots and attractions there!

Some very well-made travel vlogs will not just show you the gorgeous places but will also recommend tips on how you can spend less there! Other information would be about the ideal clothes to where upon visiting those tourist spots, the things you must not bring, the challenges to expect and many more! 

Ideally, it would be best if you will watch travel vlogs that do not completely show the tourist spots because if that’s how it is, then there’s no more element of surprise for travellers like you. Still, experiencing them with your own self is peerless!


There are high-priced hotels and budget-friendly hotel accommodations in any part of the world. If you type and search online, results are usually the most reputable ones which are nearly always expensive. If you watch travel vlogs, you might discover more that would fit your budget! 

Since travel vlogs are personal, and vloggers also want more people (not just the rich) to enjoy and support their videos, they tend to provide information that will display practical travelling! You can take note of accommodation ideas and rates that will not hurt your wallet!


A favorite segment of many is the one about foods and drinks to catch and taste during your trips! 

Though you may, you should think that the usual and international fast food restaurants and sophisticated restaurants must no longer be on your personal must-dine-in places! That’s simply because you can find them wherever in the world you are. You can find them in your homeland. Try something new!

Travel vlogs that introduce you to local foods will help you know how they look like and how they are called, so you will not anymore be surprised when you actually see them already. It will be easier for you to point them out and look for them as well. Moreover, it’s going to be a much more meaningful trip when you yourself  get a taste of the food they take pride in!


Avoid transportation troubles by watching travel vlogs that provide hacks for affordable and safe means of transportation! 

One benefit of increasing technology and that is AI changing tourism and the ability for travellers to search and find the best travel deal possible. With various websites and apps available, finding a discount and the quickest route available has never been so easy. 

Since vehicles and rates there and in your homeland are different, you might find it difficult to commute there, so learning them before your trip will absolutely give you an edge!


Very educational travel vlogs will give tips that you should know in case of emergencies during your trip. 

These could be when you get lost, when you forget your passport in the hotel, when you were not able to bring enough money, when you get robbed and more mishaps which you never hope to happen!


Beautiful and informative travel vlogs make you feel like you are already brought to those places you see from your screen. 

Actually, watching these vlogs boost your excitement even more. You are given an idea about what to expect while your enthusiasm to travel is being fired up! You get to enjoy your trip even more when you look forward to it with energy and life!



Educational travel vlogs are really helpful! Aside from the fact that they are entertaining and so interesting, these vlogs inform you well on many travelling know-how’s and hacks. 

If you are watching travel vlogs to obtain significant information that you will really use, make sure to choose travel vlogs that will not only make you drool and excited but will actually help you travel orderly!

Although it is not bad to watch those luxurious travel vlogs, it would totally be best if you will prefer more and take note more about those that suit your budget and savings. In that way, you will not be tempted to go beyond your bank account’s content, and you will not get sad if you cannot do the same. Bear in mind: travel efficiently!

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