10 Signs We Have Been Pushed Back to The 90s

10 Signs We Have Been Pushed Back to The 90s

What goes around, comes around – goes an age old adage. History has it that most of the times, the past makes a comeback and perches itself right ino the present. Trends have penchant to repeat themselves; however, that’s just a myopic way to describe the spiral of time. So when we talk about the current times and compare it with times gone by we get the following pointers why we are headed back to the era of 90s.

  1. The economy is witnessing the dip again, thanks to the GDP settling at 5 percent
  2. Loose and Baggy jeans are making a return. Blame the weather or habitual fashion U-turns – you have a respite from the sticky denims
  3. Madhuri Dixit is hogging the limelight once again, without frenzied montages. She looks ravishing than ever before and is doing what she does the best – flashing her 3000 watts smile
  4. Pakistan and India are back to tiffs. Rivalry is lurking once again. Nawaz Sharif is back in office again, too
  5. The Kelly Kapowski look is once again gaining popularity amongst the girls. Restraint has never been their strong suit. No one’s complaining!
  6. A fuller figure is back. Thanks to Vidya Balan, being curvalicious is HOT  again
  7. More scooters are being seen on the roads, after a long, long time
  8. Narayan Murthy is back at the helm of Infosys ( for good)
  9. Zombies are making their way back into the Bollywood’s horror genre (whosoever said Go Goa Gone was the first one!)
  10. EVERYONE is fixing Cricket matches


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