10 Most Poignant things Sachin Said in his Farewell Speech

10 Most Poignant things Sachin Said in his Farewell Speech

“Hard to believe this wonderful journey is coming to an end”

“Always followed instructions of my father who asked me never to give up…Every time I did something special with my bat, it was for my father ”

“Don’t know how my mother dealt with a naughty child like me”

“My sister presented me with my first cricket bat. It was a Kashmiri willow”

“My brother Ajit and I have lived this dream together. He sacrificed his career for me”

“The most beautiful thing happened to me when I married Anjali. She stepped back and took responsibility for the family. Without her support I wouldn’t have been able to play cricket freely and without stress”

“Arjun and Sara are two precious diamonds of my life…Next 16 years and beyond, everything is for you”

“My coach Ramakant Achrekar never said ‘well played’ to me for the last 29 years, because he thought I would get complacent”

“Rahul, Lakshman, Saurav, Anil(who is not here)…my teammates right in front of me…you are like my family away from home. It’s going to be difficult not to be part of the dressing room”

(To fans) “Thank you. “Sachin, Sachin will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing”

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