10 Flowers Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2019

10 Flowers Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2019

Few things brighten a house more than flowers, whether they appear one bright morning on a houseplant that’s been doing not much in the window for years or if they’ve been bought at a flower shop and arranged in the owner’s best vase. As with everything else that has to do with home decor, there are trends in flowers and floral arrangements. Here are the top 10 for 2019:

1. Coral Color

That luscious color between pink and orange is trending for 2019 when it comes to flowers. Nothing looks better in coral than a rose such as Tropicana or Tahitian Sunset, though the color can also be found in canna lilies, clivia, daylilies, hybrid lilies, coneflowers, astilbes, tulips, peonies, irises and hyacinths. If a person wants coral foliage, they should look no further than some heuchera cultivars. Coral is Pantone’s color of the year for 2019.

2. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have never quite gone out of style, but in 2019 their popularity is soaring. Some flowers look even better dried than fresh, and of course they last considerably longer than fresh flowers at sometimes a fraction of the cost. Dried flowers can be bought or the owner can pick or buy some flowers and dry them themselves. Flowers that are great for drying include anemones, carnations, daffodils, larkspur, lavender, lilies, peonies, salvia, sea holly, hydrangea, honeysuckle, zinnia, yarrow, violets, roses and scented geraniums.

3. Block Colors

Another trend is bouquets or arrangements where all of the flowers are shades of the same color. For example, a bouquet can have red and scarlet roses, red ranunculus, maroon zinnias, red and pink striped tulips or lilies and perhaps a cluster or two of deep red hawthorn berries.

4. Green Foliage

In contrast to bouquets made of one basic color, bouquets and arrangements are also sporting lots of greenery for 2019. Greenery can be provided by ornamental grasses such as miscanthus and zebra grass, sprays of fern, arbor vitae or eucalyptus branches and trailing branches of tiny, variegated ivy leaves or string of pearl plants.

5. Ikebana

This is a Japanese style of flower arranging that stresses simplicity. One of its charms is that it’s not as easy to do as it looks, and the would-be practitioner might want to attend a course in Japanese flower arranging.

6. Seasonal Flowers

One good idea is to choose flowers for bouquets and arrangements when they’re in season. For example, an arrangement can be dominated by chrysanthemums, zinnias and chamomile in the fall; carnations, gas plants, roses, delphiniums, irises and many other flowers in spring and summer and crocuses and hellebore in winter or early spring.

7. Dyed Flowers

People may be surprised that flowers can be dyed deep, almost fluorescent colors. Properly dyed flowers are eye-catching without making the viewer think that there’s something artificial about them. One trick that’s been around for years is the way carnations are dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. The white flower is cut and placed in a container of green dyed water. Eventually, the green dye will color the petals.

8. Lots of Texture

Arrangements for 2019 combine a variety of textures above the silkiness of most flower petals. They can have the fuzziness of lamb’s ear, dusty miller or sage, the spikiness and velvet of thistle, the featheriness of sprigs of mondo grass and the leathery textures of succulents or hosta leaves. Other arrangements can add ripe or unripe berries, including blackberries, mahonia berries or the berries of California hollies. Other arrangements may feature small artichokes, lotus pods or figs.

9. Nonflowering Plants

Nonflowering plants in arrangements and even bouquets are another 2019 trend. These arrangements have ferns, mosses, lichens, bird’s nest fungi, earthstars and polypores. Interesting, twisted branches such as those of the manzanita or small pinecones or pods are also found in these bouquets interspersed among more traditional flowers such as wild roses.

10. Exotic-Looking Flowers

Exotic looking flowers with bold colors and interesting shapes also have a place in the floral trends of 2019. These include orchids, delphiniums, gladiolus and irises in a rainbow of colors, bird-of-paradise flowers and peonies. Other boldly beautiful blooms include those of foxtail lilies, grape hyacinths, hollyhocks and dahlias.

Photo by Philippe Donn from Pexels   

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