10 Creative Gift Ideas Every Tea Lover is Bound to Appreciate

10 Creative Gift Ideas Every Tea Lover is Bound to Appreciate

Gift-giving is an art that, admittedly so, most of us struggle with. Do you settle for a card with money inside or a gift certificate? Or, do you use flowers as a catch-all gift for every woman on the gift list?

The people in our lives will always appreciate a more personalized gift more rather than those unoriginal ones. Why not take the time to think about what the person that the gift is for is interested in such as hobbies, beverage preferences, books, clothing, or personal care items. When thinking about the perfect gift for a tea lover, there are many choices.

Now, whether you are sending that gift to someone online through koi delivery or whether you gift them in-person, you must have your basics clear.

Tea Lovers Gift Basics

Serious tea lovers already have basic teas, cups, teapots, and tea bags. But there are lots of tea inspired gifts to show them you care. With a little research, you can find out if they like green or black teas best. Do they want to drink caffeine-free tea? Are there types of tea they do not like? Some tea drinkers like the convenience of tea bags while others swear by loose teas and tea infusers or those little wire tea baskets. Ask a few questions to avoid making gifting mistakes.

Once you have an idea about the gift recipient’s preferences go to Ahmad Tea USA web page to get an idea of special teas and gift packages that might be perfect. Decide on a budget for the gift and limit your purchasing temptation to that amount and don’t forget the shipping costs. The purchasing company made gift collections is a very easy way to give a tea lover a nice gift.

Tea Related Gifts to Purchase

Though it is easy to order gourmet tea collections online, there are other fun gifts to consider purchasing for that tea lover with a special day coming up.

1. The tea collections in nice boxes or tins are an easy gift choice and can be ordered online to be shipped directly to the person getting the gift. Take this gift one step further by purchasing a year’s monthly subscription of tea boxes containing a monthly collection of specially chosen teas.

2. For the person who loves tea and is always using a cell phone, there are actually iPhone cases that protect those phones and have a tea-related design printed or engraved on them.

3. Look at your loved one’s tea kettle. If it is old and uninspired, consider purchasing one special teapot or a collection of teapots from traditional to the latest technology. You can start a teapot collection for them and then add a special teapot on every gift-giving occasion. Consider the new tea brewing glass jars or pots or clear glass tea steepers.

4. People often eat special cookies called tea biscuits with an afternoon or evening cup of tea. Why not purchase a few tins of different well-known tea biscuits in decorative tins? If baking is a hobby, look up recipes for English tea biscuits and make them from scratch. Then find decorative tins to present them in. Sometimes well-chosen tins are almost more important than the contents.

5. Help your tea-loving friends and family members take their tea with them with a tea-themed travel mug. Some of these mugs are designed to brew fresh tea on the go or at work. The travel mug could come in its own bag with storage for tea bags or loose tea so new tea could be brewed throughout a busy workday.

Tea Lover Gifts to Make and Give

Some people really love to make unique gifts for family members and friends and lots of people love to receive homemade gifts. The trick is to make gifts that are well-made, attractive, and useful. We don’t want all our efforts to end up in a drawer somewhere.

6. An artistic person can purchase a set of blank teacups or mugs and decorate them with permanent markers or glass paint. Just make sure the designs will stay when the cups are washed. Add a hand-painted teapot to complete the set. Some towns have places you go to make mugs with their equipment and there are tutorials online to help a person with this project.

7. Tea lovers end up with a lot of empty tea tins along the way. If the gift is not going to be a surprise, ask for those tea tins and turn them into an herb garden to set in a window or kitchen counter. If the collection of tins is the same size, they can set on a long tray for drainage. Use the right potting soil and herb plants, so the garden will live indefinitely. Include a set of growing and use instructions.

8. There are instructions for making tea-infused soaps using Earl grey tea and others. Homemade heart-shaped sugar cubes will always be appreciated. A person can also make a bath or shower melts using tea or lavender to provide a spa in a canning jar or attractive tin. A person can also make special tea bags shaped and sized to be a tea filled eye mask. Another great idea is to make tea and botanical-filled pouches to use in the bath for relaxation. Just go online to find the right material to make the teabags and pouches with.

9. One fun project is to go the flea markets and second-hand shops to find old, but still attractive, cups and saucers to make into bird feeders or planters. Be sure to use glues that hold up to outdoor temperatures. An ambitious artist can smash a collection of broken cups and saucers and use them to make a birdbath in a mosaic pattern. The same technique can be used to make a serving tray or vase. Get good instructions for these projects.

10. For fiber artists, there are tea and cup cozies to make in sets by crochet, knitting, quilting, or felting. These simple to make gifts keep tea hot for longer and protect hands from the hot liquid in cups.

A person wanting to give their tea-loving family member or friend a special gift has a lot of choices. The gift ideas have a wide range of prices or material costs to fit almost any budget. A homemade gift is double the pleasure because the giver has a pleasant experience creating it and the recipient enjoys its beauty and usefulness.

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