10 Bouquets That Everyone Loves

10 Bouquets That Everyone Loves

The act of giving beautiful flowers as a token of appreciation and love is a classic tradition that many people have enjoyed since time immemorial. There is pleasure in both giving the pretty blooms and receiving them for everyone around the globe.

Millions flower arrangements arrive on many desks worldwide every time it is Heart’s Day because pretty bouquets can somehow have the power to show and say “I love you”. On top of that, there are many other occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc that is best commemorated with flowers.

Even the holy day of matrimony is filled with pretty blooms from the cathedral to the reception. The bridal entourage also has their own floral bouquets that they hold or are pinned to their lapels. But the most anticipated piece is always the bridal bouquet, which steals the thunder every time there is a bouquet toss.

Brides are known for painstakingly choosing the bouquets that match her personality. As such, it is vital to go to a reputable flower shop, like the Sydney Luv Bridal Store, to ensure that you get nothing but the striking and sweet smelling fresh cut blooms that you can enjoy for a few more days to come. Here are the top 10 flower arrangements that will inspire you for your next big order:

Go Classic With Red Roses

An all rose bouquet is a classic selection that many women love. From a single long stemmed rose, a three bud arrangement that literally spells “I love you”, or dozens of blooms, there is a rose bouquet arrangement out there that will certainly wow your loved one. Roses smell divine, and they can come in different colors from red, white, peach, and pink.

Choose Trendy Tulips

These flower buds are perfect for a more casual occasion. They don’t automatically scream love, so they are also perfect for friends. These beautiful tulips come in red, yellow, purple, white, and pink. Choosing this type shows that spring has arrived.

Seek Sunny Sunflowers

These pretty vibrant yellow flowers literally bring in the sunshine with their hue. Sunflowers are resilient flower types that show how to grow in adversity. Anyone receiving a bouquet interspersed with these sunny blooms are bound to have an amazing day.

Order Lovely Lilacs

As the name implies, these lovely blooms come in the refreshing color of lilac or purple. These sweet smelling flowers are not the typical choice, but getting them will still make anyone’s eyes sparkle. After all, the color purple is the shade of royalty that exudes power, so anyone receiving these blooms will feel amazingly special.

Unique Orchids

These are considered very delicate flowers that are somewhat exotic. You can choose fresh cut bouquets or an actual live plant in a pot. These plants have a resting period and can easily re-bloom with proper care and attention. Since the olden times, they have represented luxury because of their rarity. Orchids come in every color of the rainbow and with many different varieties.

Brilliant Stargazer Lily

This bigger blooms is a dramatic and bold choice. It’s bright pink hue with white accent is perfect for anyone who loves something bright and beautiful.

Lovely Pastel Carnations

The pastel carnation is the perfect centerpiece because they are eye catching and beautiful. White carnations represent the purest love. The pink version, on the other hand, shows admiration.

Simple White Daisies

There are many types of daisies, but the gerbera daisy is the most popular. A big bouquet of daisies will surely brighten up a person’s coffee table. Check out a beautiful daisy collection here.

Amazing Alstroemeria

This pretty bloom is also called a Peruvian lily. It is a bold flower that comes in vibrant colors that will light up any room. Popular shades are purple, pinks, and reds.

Choice Cut Camellias

This is a pretty bloom that signifies faithfulness and longevity. It is the perfect choice for an anniversary where couples are celebrating many years of happy togetherness.

The Blue Iris

This is truly a stunning flower that catches the eye of everyone because of its bold colors. This is a lovely and unique gift the symbolizes hope and faith.

The two major considerations when ordering flowers is ordering way in advance, especially during big moments to ensure you’ll get served to your specifications. On top of that, allowing more time to choose means you don’t have to rush and you can put more thought into the arrangement you’re going to give. Thus, it is essential to have a good relationship with your chosen florist company because they have the ability to help you and make the ordering process a lot easier.  

In choosing flowers, you have to think of your recipient’s likes and dislikes. Having an allergy to certain specie means some kind of flowers should never make it to your bouquet. Think of a favorite color, kind of flower, and general vibe that your loved one might enjoy. Choosing the right arrangement and putting your effort will be appreciated. Any flower order is a sweet gift that shows you took the time out to remember your sweetheart.             

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