10 Best Tips for Boating Safety During Vacations

10 Best Tips for Boating Safety During Vacations

It is enjoyable spending part of your vacation boating with friends or family. But, before anything else, your safety comes first. Ensure you learn boating safety precautions before heading into the waters.

Important Boating Safety Tips

Follow Docking Procedures

Learn how to dock your boat safely to avoid damaging your vessel. Limit your speed as you approach the dock and ensure you have secured the Newport Duffy Rental at the dock. You can always ask for assistance in case of any problem.

Wear Life Jackets

Life jackets are designed to save a person in case of an accident. They keep one afloat, and some are designed to turn an unconscious person face-up. Make sure you wear the right jacket for your size and height. Fit the jacket and ensure it is your size before purchasing it.

Carry Capacity Weight

Each vessel has its capacity restrictions. Carry the correct number of passengers and other items. Overloading can cause boat capsizing, which can lead to injuries or death.

Have a Safety Kit

It is better to hope for the best, but it’s also good to prepare for the worst. Ensure your boat has a safety kit that includes; first aid kit, ropes, whistle, and duct tape to seal a leaking hole, flashlight, and bucket. Ensure you also carry a fire extinguisher.

Check Weather Forecast

Mostly, people go boat riding when it is warm and sunny. However, you can’t predict when the storm will come. Therefore, check the weather forecast before getting onto a boat. If there are signs of a storm, postpone the ride for another day. If the weather changes in the sea, be ready to get out of the water safely.

Stick to Safety Measures

There are rules on the water just as on the roads. Avoid overspeeding, keep the correct distance and ensure every passenger is safe in the boat. Respect other boaters and avoid blocking their way.

Take a Boating Safety Course

A report by the U.S Coast Guard shows that driver error causes 70% of boat accidents. Ensure you know how to operate a boat. You can enroll for free courses online or from any other organization.

Avoid Alcohol

Note that the possibility of drowning doubles when one is intoxicated while driving. So, avoid alcohol when going on a boating adventure, even if you are a passenger.

Be Cautious of Harmful Fumes

Engines tend to produce carbon dioxide, which is an odorless and harmful gas. The fumes can accumulate in enclosed spaces, non-ventilated enclosures, and blocked exhaust outlets.

Have Your Boat Checked

Get your boat checked for free by U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary or the United States Power Squadrons. You can also take your boat for checking by other mechanics. This will ensure all the parts are working perfectly and you have nothing to worry about when boating.

The safety of boaters should come first before anything else. Most boat accidents are preventable if operators and riders observe safety rules such as wearing life jackets, avoiding drinking, regular boat maintenance, among others.

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