10 Beauty and Wellness Trends to Know About in 2019

10 Beauty and Wellness Trends to Know About in 2019

Every year, a new crop of beauty and wellness trends breezes into our lives, and we wonder, “How did I ever live without this?” 2019 will be no exception, of course, with new products, services and activities that can keep us at our best, inside and out. Here are 10 of the up-and-coming trends to keep an eye out for this year!

1. Enhanced Lip Care

Many of us have skincare regimens that we follow each day to a T. However, many also neglect to pay the same attention to their lips, save for a swipe of balm whenever they feel dry.

That will hopefully change in 2019 as new lip care products make their way onto the market. From gentle exfoliators to serums meant to hydrate your pout, your lips will never be the same, nor will your methods of caring for them!

2. Workouts with Live Music

Our workout instructors know how to crank out a great playlist. However, 2019 will see fitness studios taking the musical element of their exercise classes to the next level with live music. Whether there’s a band brought in or a DJ spinning tunes, in-house music will only inspire you to push harder.

3. Statement Eyebrows

Bold, bushy brows have already made their mark on the beauty industry, and that’s not going anywhere. In 2019, though, you can expect brows to get even bolder. In most cases, that’ll mean dyeing eyebrows a shade or two darker than they are, just so that they stand out a little bit more. Bold fashionistas might change the color of their brows completely or try out a metallic brow to really draw attention to the eyes.

4. Bare Nail Manicures

Although your eyebrows will be big and bold, your 2019 manicure will likely be a lot more subdued. Bare nails with simple designs, such as dots or hand-drawn art, will be super popular this year. To that end, try any manicure that lets the natural nail shine through, including clear glitter polish over your clean nails.

5. Return of the Floss

Rumor had it that dental floss didn’t do that much for our teeth, and many believed the hype, ditching their threads in favor of brushing alone. Health officials confirm that it turns out that we should work to reverse that trend in 2019.

If you’ve given up on flossing, this statistic alone will likely change your mind — the residue you remove with floss is 70 percent bacteria! The practice also prevents you from having bad breath. That should be enough to sway all of us back into flossing this year.

6. Collagen Powder Smoothies

Tasteless collagen powder can add a lot of good stuff to your morning smoothie. Along with protein, these powders obviously contain collagen, typically derived from animal bones. Collagen has been shown to strengthen nails, boost skin’s elasticity and even soothe achy joints. More research has to be done, but expect to see it — and perhaps sample it — this year.

7. Shaggy Layered Hair

Say goodbye to the blunt bob this year. Instead, hair trends will veer back into layered, textured, voluminous territory. For more glamorous looks, expect retro-style waves, as well as curls that have been brushed out — like we said, volume is back. You’ll also see lots of ladies rocking bangs this year, especially the kind that frame the face and suit the individual.

8. New and Improved Stress Relief

Your best bet for dealing with anxiety or stress is visiting a mental health professional, who can prescribe the right treatment path to improve your state of mind.

That being said, you will find plenty of new OTC options for easing your stress come 2019. You can now try downloading an app that guides you through meditation. You can even slip beneath a weighted blanket, which has been shown to soothe otherwise restless sleepers.

9. Smart Jewelry

We’ve already been introduced to fitness trackers that count our every step, tally our calorie burn after working out and keep track of our nightly sleep patterns. The only problem with them is that they can be a little bulky.

In 2019, though, you’ll get some new options designed to look more like fashionable jewelry than athletic women’s or mens bracelets and watches. Some of them, designed specifically for women, will track your cycle, tell you to drink water and note when you get stressed.

10. Herbal Supplements

Ayurvedic herbs pack some serious healing powder, and in 2019, many of us will come to know that fact. Varieties like ashwagandha and kava kava help rebalance adrenal levels and feed the nervous system for a more appropriate stress response — another aid to ladies who suffer from stress and anxiety.

Get Trending

It’s just the start of 2019, so it’s impossible to know every trend that will appear this year. However, you can almost be sure you’ll come across these 10 and, perhaps, one of them will take your beauty and wellness regimen to a new level. Don’t be afraid to try something new — get trending and find what works for you!

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